Greenhands’ Guide on Hair Extensions

Avril Ramona Lavigne is my favorite superstar,I like her because she was always filled with endless power everytime she’s been on the stage.Just like other girls,I want to imitate her everything, songs,clothes and especially the hairstyles.

Avril's hair extensionsWhen I told my friends that I wanted to get my hair dyed a little bit green just like Avril’s,they all bursted into laugh,”Gosh,you relly don’t know that the green hair on Avril’head is hair extensions? ”

So I wrote this blog to tell those greenhands about the basic inform of hair extensions,so that you would never meet the same embrassed situations.

There are five types of hair extensions:clip on hair extensions,hair weave,micro loop hair extensions,pre-bonded hair extensions,tape hair extensions.Avril's hair extensions-1

The most convenient would be clip on hair extensions and hair weave,you definitely could do it at
home,but the time of useage is short.On the controvery, the other three types could last a long time,but their weakness is the complicated process,wearing the hair extensions should be done with the help of professionals,for we are not able to use the specialized tools just ourself and a mirror.

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