[Ombre Hair] Four Kinds of Popular, Cowboy Blue Appears After the Grandmother Grey

The four major hair colors this year I am talking about are the uniform color classification.
Generally the one who challenges these four colors must be white, white, white in skin color!


Grey hairstyle1

Gray always gives people a sense of having style, if you are the kind of people who pursues the trend of hair, you must have tried the color of gray, such as: Grandmother grey, Aoki flax botrytis…Or you can choose Ombre hair which is very popular.
I like the hair color (because I think nobody will find my white hair even if I grow it, ha, ha, ha), there is no strong color contrast, soft grey looks like mist, hazy, full of mystery.
The most important is! The hair color of the gray system can make your skin color become white!! (of course, if you’re black, that’s another thing…)
 Grey hairstyle2Grey hairstyle3Grey hairstyle4Grey hairstyle5Grey hairstyle6Grey hairstyle7

The above are relatively common Grandma grey type, color depth and thickness will affect the overall visual sense of the grandmother grey, it’s quite similar, the grey color is more like the white.
Grey hairstyle8Grey hairstyle9Grey hairstyle10Grey hairstyle11Grey hairstyle12

And the above Aoki flax botrytis, it is common to be seen after the grandma grey, grandma grey may look fair only if you have a white complexion, for the Aoki flax botrytis, it will be OK if your skin color is a little dark, the grey color is more like green.
Light color system
colorful hairstyle13

The sisters concerned about the trendsetters are probably find the question, that since last year, following the go-after of the pink color, the fashion insiders in hair coloring prefers the light color style: light pink, light green, light purple, light blue… Especially after “the pink blue and pink” was published as the fashion color of 2016 in the second half of last year, the number of the jumping hair dye of the two colors are increased as well! Light colored hair-dying is definitely one of the popular hair color types this year! Colorful Clip in hair is also a good choice.


Uh, it’s never difficult to dye the light color hair, the tanned skin can choose a relatively darker color: the combination between light blue and dark gray;
White skin is no necessary to be fastidious, if you love light pink then dye light pink, if you love light purple then dye light purple. colorful hairstyle14colorful hairstyle15colorful hairstyle16colorful hairstyle17colorful hairstyle18colorful hairstyle19

The deeper light color, the darker color skin dyes the light color. Of course we can’t be so headstrong to dye pink and purple, the main color should be a little dark, but the toning color can be a little light, such as the light blue, such as the almighty light linen, light chestnut…
colorful hairstyle20colorful hairstyle21colorful hairstyle23colorful hairstyle22

The people in white skin probably dares to try all kinds of colors.


Rainbow colors
colorful hairstyle25

Rainbow colors, just as its name implies: a lot of colors, like a rainbow. (are you satisfied with this explanation?)
Different kinds of colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, seven colors are in your head, do you have heart to challenge once such a hair-dying that has 100 percent back rate?
To say how the rainbow colors would become the trend color of 2016, it is because its challenging, bold and avant-garde! Fashion is no more than that to do something new when others do not have and attract the others’ attention?
Of course, rainbow color does not refer to dye all the seven colors, usually in the hair-dying field the rainbow colors refers to more than three kinds of color of hair (. It’s just my humble opinion).
colorful hairstyle26

The color is bright enough, just to dye it.


Cowboy color
colorful hairstyle27

In foreigner countries people called it Hair Denim, literal translation is the cowboy color,The trendy colors in China is nothing hot, but they could be seen everywhere: to dye the hair a color like the cowboy, can be the dark blue cowboy, can be light blue, you can also wash blue color.
This kind of hair color is very handsome, if your dress style is handsome type. This kind of hair color is quite suitable for you.
colorful hairstyle28colorful hairstyle29colorful hairstyle30

Long virgin hair is so beautiful to dye this color, especially jeans and grey streaked.

colorful hairstyle31colorful hairstyle32colorful hairstyle33

Of course, short human hair can also be like this, I love the final one!!!




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