Follow the DIY Way Of Twisting Braided Hair

A romantic kind of twisting braided fashion hair in the French style is more and more warmly welcomed by a lot of young beautiful girls who love to follow the fashion tendency in the Euro-American countries or even all over the world. Please appreciate all the pictures in the following and follow the seven DIY steps of twisting braided hair in the French style one by one. As a matter of fact, the following seven steps are not so difficult for any one. Please try your best to master how to have this fashion hair style all by yourself.

Braided Hair1In the first step, separate a small string of your hair on top of your head from the rest of your hair. After that, please try your best to divide the separated part of hair into three strings of hair in the equal amount. Just follow the DIY way in the above clear picture. Then have the three strings of hair braided and the braided length is a short step of length.
Braided Hair2In the second step, please follow the second picture in the above to realize the second short step of twisting braided style. Just do not remember to add into the second step of braided hair with the two strings of hair from both sides close to the first short step of twisting braided hair in order to add the amount of the first step of braided hair. We are usually able to call the twisting braided hair the scorpion braided hair because this fashion hairstyle is just like a scorpion.Braided Hair3In the third step, please follow the third picture in the above. Just add all the scattered hair on the both sides into the middle twisting braided hair gradually step by step. After that, please finish the braiding of the rest part of hair. In this step, there is a tip for you. You must have noticed a pink rubber ring on the undone hair. What is the important function of it? You are able to have a spare hand to collect the needed part of hair for the adding.

Braided Hair4In the fourth step, go on braiding and completing all the hair style.

Braided Hair5In the fifth step, use a rubber ring for fixing.

Braided Hair6In the sixth step, unfold the twisting braided hair up.

Braided Hair7In the seventh step, you need to fix a kind of beautiful hair decoration on the twisting braided hair in the French style.


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