Five easy steps to wear your beautiful wigs

Summer is coming. Girls indulged in changeable styles always like to try the wigs, and it’s really an easy way to change your image through wigs, But many girls always are confused by ways of wearing wigs, now I’ll tell you five steps to wear your beautiful wigs, let’s go !

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step1: If you want the natural effect when wearing wigs, you should have hair net set especially for girls who have thick hair or long hair. First, put your hair net through your neck, and put the side having sponge down, then, pull the net to your frontline, comb all your hair back.

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Step2: Put all your hair into the net, if you don’t want your hair get messed, you could first roll your hair into a ball, and then clip them.

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Step3: Put on your wig and slowly adjust the position, you should pay more attention to the fringe, because when you don’t align your fringe with your frontline, it’s very easy to recognize that you have worn a wig.

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Step4: If you have a high frontline, you should pull your wig up and down slowly instead of just pulling down.

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Step5: Comb your wig gently to its perfect. When you don’t use your wig, please keep your wigs in a breathable bag.

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