Fear of the Hot Weather in Summer, Then Coil Up your Hair

Long hair in summer, of course we need to coil it up! The girls who have a long virgin hair will be in trouble on hair issue, so how it will be pretty to coil up hair?

There is a few of hairstyles, caome and have a try with me~.

Korean retro hairstyle
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Step.1 first comb the hair smoothly, and then divide them into two strands of hair
Step.2 then pick a piece of hair from the left to be the main part of the file
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Step.3 according to the method of scorpion braid, we plait with adding hair, the girl who does not know how to plait can see this clearly.
Step.4 near the end of the hair should loose a little, do not pull very tight. Then one side of the hair is OK, (The result is shown in the figure), then plait the other side.
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Step.5, the final step is to put gather the beneath loose hair tail and inward curl up, then tighten them with rubber band, finally choose a beautiful ornaments to wear, then this elegant Korean retro hairstyle is done, it is so nice, isn’t it?! Have you learned it well?

Petal hairstyle
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Girls who design their own natural hair always use all kinds of hair ornaments, this hairstyle can also be very special without hair ornaments!
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Step.1 grab the hair around the ear
Step.2 divide your hair into three strands, then begin to weave a loose braid
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Step.3 braid the hair to tail.
Step.4 braid your hair to be an appearance of a flower in clockwise.
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Step.5 twist the braid to loose, until it is like the appearance of petals. Plug the end of the braid into the below of “flower” and use the clip to fix it.

Idyllic fairy hair

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Step.1 separate a piece of hair from the both sides of the hair, separate them in the same average
Step.2 respectively braid into three shares
Step.3 be symmetrical on both sides
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Step.4 tie the scattered long hair in the middle with a rubber band
Step.5 the root braid has been finished
Step.6 roll up the middle hair from the tail
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Step.7 put together both sides of the braid to the middle
Step.8 fix the braid with a black clip.
Step.9 pastoral flavor hairstyle is now complete


Retro lady up-do hairstyle steps
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Step1: put the hair into two braids, tie down with a rubber band;
Step2: respectively make into two braids;
Step3: loose every piece of braid;
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Step4: fix together both sides of the braided after winding;
Step5: wind the braid in an opposite direction;
Step6: the effect will be better to grasp a sense of loose winding;
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Step7: the fixed hair need to be reminded of the loose sense of hair;
Step8: not only to loose braided parts, but the top of your hair;
Step9: a chic hairstyle is complete, very retro!


♥And if you have any question or idea, welcome to leave comments here

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