Fashionable Hairstyles Of Super Stars In Summer

The hot and dry summer is nearly coming. Are you considering restuffing your wardrobe with cool summer dresses? Besides that, changing a new refreshing hairstyle is also very important. So, which hairstyles are popular in this summer? You may get some clues from the following European and American super stars.

Medium-length Curly HairMedium-length Curly Hair
Katharine McPhee’s medium-length curly hair is terrific. The hair is layered from short to long, which makes the whole hairstyle full and dynamic. The side-combed long bang is quite neat.Textured BOB HairTextured BOB Hair
Ashley Bansen recently cut her long blond hair to this textured BOB hairstyle. It is a little longer than normal BOB and has contact with the shoulder. By using hair styling spray, the whole hairstyle is fluffy and casually layered. The bang is thin enough to soften the face contour.Fluffy Layered Curly HairFluffy Layered Curly Hair
This eye-catching fluffy layered curly hair makes Miley Cyrus look a little gloomy. The longest hair touches the chin, which softens the facial lines without making the face look long.Curly BOB HairCurly BOB Hair
Who says that woman with natural curly hair cannot do a BOB hairstyle? Marley Shelton is a successful case. Just tell your hairstylist to cut your hair by controlling the length at one inch below your chin. When layering your hair, gradually increase the number of hair curlers from top to bottom. Remember that the shorter the hair is, and the more the hair curlers are, the stronger the layering sense is.BOB Hair With Classical Straight BangBOB Hair With Classical Straight Bang
Byrne attended the U.S. Screen Actors Guild Awards with this new BOB hairstyle. If you want to cut the same hairstyle, tell your hair stylist that the simpler the better. Cut the hair behind your head a little bit shorter than the front, and no levels are needed. Only by doing this will your whole hairstyle look neat and fashionable.Long Layered Curly HairLong Layered Curly Hair
This long layered curly hairstyle of Kristin Wiig will never be associated with the word “ordinary”, since her hair quality is quite good and her hair is long. To do this hairstyle, tell your hair stylist to cut more layers at your clavicles, and cut the hair a little bit short with layers at your cheekbones.Light And Short HairLight And Short Hair
This light and short hair of Cameron is extremely sharp. If you want to cut the same hairstyle, trim your hair with scissors or a razor. Comb your bang to one side so that it can cover your forehead and integrate with the hair at one side.


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