Fashionable Hair in Ponytail

In the film You Are the Apple of My Eye, there was one part went like: The boys couldn`t help but staring at Shen Jiayi with a ponytail and signed: “I like ponytail best.” 80 percent of straight men favors hair ponytail girls for their innocence.Let`s look at those superstars!

Ponytails agree with stars as well!

hairstyle 1

Audrey Hepburn

hairstyle 2

Jessica Alba

Summer is a sweating season, yet a high ponytail will help ease the hot and makes you look younger than you really are!Many people are afraid to expose their face entirely, yet long virgin hair might become a backdrop that makes your outline more obvious.Tie up your virgin hair and show the world your face!
Look at the stars!

hairstyle 3hairstyle 4hairstyle 5

Blake Lively favors different ponytails

hairstyle 7hairstyle 6

Kendall Jenner`s ponytail


hairstyle 8

Gigi Hadid

hairstyle 9

Cara Delevingne

hairstyle 10

Lily Collins`s fluffy ponytail seems come from the last century

hairstyle 11hairstyle 12

Gianna Jun is twenty again with ponytail. Cheon Song Yi looks all the same as she was in My Sassy Girl


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