Fashionable and Fresh Ponytail Hairstyle

Celebrity Hairstyles are various. There are long and short hairstyles. But a bunch of simple ponytail is the most appropriate hairstyle in summer. Come and learn Changeable ponytail hair style from European and American female stars.


The neat bangs matching ponytail have the effect of modifying the face and reducing the age. It can reduce the proportion of the long faces of European and American actresses from the visual to some extent. Bella Thorne who is only 16 years old change the ponytail into kinds of styles, showing girl’s sweet and lovely femininity.ponytail style

Girls who have long hair can learn from Kristen Stewart to design this hairstyle. Make the hair on the top of the head fluffy and stereo. The ponytail is curled inside. Although it is low ponytail, it’s full of stereo and fluffy feeling.

ponytail style

Kate Hudson’s long hair with low ponytail is designed at the base of curly hair. Use the curling tool to make the hair to be natural big waving curly hair. The ponytail has fluffy, natural and causal effect.

ponytail style

Sofia Vergara divided the front hair from the middle part. Two bunches of bangs leave on the cheeks casauly, which can modify the face shape. There is an upheaval on top of the head and a medium height ponytail is hung up at the back of head.


ponytail style

Hair style of Spokesperson Kim Kardashian is always black color as Asian people. But she designed a retro modeling with a ponytail this time. The middle-divided bangs and ponytail with the hairs on both sides are very tactful. This is a kind of simple but feminine hair style.

ponytail style

Ashley Tisdale attends the activity with silver full dress to match the ponytail. The inclined bangs, long ponytail and bright red lip become the focus of the whole modeling. When designing this hairstyle, please do to use atomizing so that it looks very tidy and smooth.

ponytail style

Amanda Seyfried has natural waving curls herself. Leave alone most of the bangs´╝îmake a low ponytail at the back of the head and turn it inside to make a knot. This is a kind of fashionable curly ponytail.

The super stars always choose the best hair style that suits them very well to attract other people’s attention. Now more and more European and American stars like ponytail day by day. Not only Asian people but also European and American people like to design refresh and charming ponytail. If you like the ponytail very much but don’t how to do it, try and learn the above ponytail hairstyles from these super stars.

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