[Fashion Wigs] Over 30°C, Meatball Head Saves the World

However fashionable a haircut may be, it drives one crazy when temperature comes over 30°C. That is when the coolest haircut of the universe—meatball head— comes saving the world! After so many years` popularity, did you grow tired of meatball head? Good news is that, superstars and creative people are innovative enough to double its popularity while keeping the advantage.
Fashion hairstyle 1

Meatball head is suitable to all the occasions and faces.
Meatball head is the nickname for round bun. Our love for it did not decrease along with its longevity. I bet the only style cooler than meatball is bald head!
Fashion hairstyle 2

Gigi Hadid wearing meatball on the street.
Fashion hairstyle 3

On the beach, meatball makes your smile more attractive!
Fashion hairstyle 4

Karlie Kloss wearing meatball in gym.

Fashion hairstyle 5

Gao Yuanyuan watching fashion show with a meatball in Paris
Fashion hairstyle 6

Zhang Ziyi and Yan Ni on the red carpet with meatballs.
Fashion hairstyle 7

Kristen Wiig, a living proof for the fact that meatball is perfect at your 40s.
Fashion hairstyle 8

Mrianda Kerr the Round Face loves meatball.
Fashion hairstyle 9

SJP proves a point: with a good method, meatball is perfect on the top of long face.
Fashion hairstyle 10

Beckham`s daughter with a meatball.
Skills to level up meatball
Are you growing tired of meatball? Here are some skills to double its popularity while keeping the advantage
Skill One: Show your hair shaft
The most striking idea for meatball: hair shaft coming out. Being a ball most of the time, meatball now has a tail. If the tail brought you trouble in the past, why not try to show them.
Fashion hairstyle 11

Rita Ora`s genius idea: Cover the tightly made meatball with same colored wig, and leaving some out. The “clean cut” on the wig is the key to the overall looking.
Fashion hairstyle 12

A 2-3cm tail gives your meatball a wholly new look. To better up, shape the hair shaft with hair wax.
Fashion hairstyle 13

With the hair shaft on the back, the meatball is reborn.
Fashion hairstyle 14

For those with dark colored hair, a metal trinket is a nice decoration, just like Rooney Mara did.
Fashion hairstyle 15

Decorated by her meatball, Jessica Alba`s smoky eyes look magnificent.
Fashion hairstyle 16

Making the hair shaft into bangs? Thanks Rita Ora for her genius idea. Make a meatball and spread the hair shaft at the front so that they look like bangs. Good tip for long virgin hair.
Fashion hairstyle 17

One can also make sided bangs with it. If not for the hair shaft, this meatball will be too regular for us to see, don`t you agree?
Skill Two: Mingled with Braid
Many are interested in meatballs, yet the length of their hair is found wanting (oops, bob cut!). You need to learn some skills of hair braiding. Braid your bangs and disconnected hair is a good way of making good meatball.
Fashion hairstyle 18

Good examples: Rita Ora and Cara. Bangs and disconnected hair were available for improvement. Not difficult to learn: separate bangs into different parts and pull them back into braid, and make a meatball with it. See the hair shaft left outside?
Fashion hairstyle 19

The hair at neck is very unpleasant in summers. Put them into the meatball by braiding; it improves your outlook, and cools you down.
Fashion hairstyle 20

Jessica Alba loves this style, too. With neck and face exposed, this haircut is going to be hot.
Fashion hairstyle 21

Given your hair is short and disconnected, separate your hair into two distribution and make two French braids with each of them. Some salt spray will tighten your braid.
Fashion hairstyle 22

Cara had an amazing idea for medium bangs. Make a tight braid along your hair line, and make the rest into a meatball. Say bye-bye to bangs!
Fashion hairstyle 23

Jennifer Morrison make her braid almost invisible by putting it goes from ear on one side to the top of her head. Meatball is from the rest of the hair. You can see part of the braid in the ball.
Fashion hairstyle 24

Also, you can make a French braid from the top to the back, and make it a ball. In a word, you can put your imagination into full play and integrate meatball with braid.
Fashion hairstyle 25

Gigi make her meatball with pigtails–a good choice for girls with thin hair. The advantage is this method has more details, and the meatball is thus plump and cute.
Skill Three: Double Meatball
Hurry now, ladies, double meatball is coming to make you fashionable, lively and individual. This summer, the coolest girls are all wearing double meatball. Never take it the only right of girls born after 90s, for the aged girls after 70s and 80s wearing double meatball is the last thing you want to see.
Fashion hairstyle 26

Whitney Port watching weekend match with double meatball. This style is efficient in making one look younger; it makes Whitney at least 10 years old younger than wearing long curly hair.
Fashion hairstyle 27

Not long ago, at the music festival, Kendall Jenner appeared with double meatball on her head. We can well see that dark hair is also a good choice for this style.
Fashion hairstyle 28

Kylie Jenner looked like Mickey with double meatball, the both boast cuteness.
Fashion hairstyle 29

With double meatball, Zhang Yuqi is no longer the sexy figure, but a cute girl who is innocent and naive.
Fashion hairstyle 30

Different as she always is, Gwen Stefani did not put the double meatball on both sides, but one in front of another.
Fashion hairstyle 31

Copy the idea of semi-meatball, Ariana Grande makes it two, and become a beauty warrior.
Fashion hairstyle 32

When came to age, many had their hair made into long bob, whose length is not enough for meatball, what now? Kiko Mizuhara had the idea of making three meatballs and no one can ever stand her cuteness.
Fashion hairstyle 33

Undercut can follow the lead as well as others. Miley Cyrus is your model in this regard.
Fashion hairstyle 34

Perhaps Beckham`s daughter gets all the credit.
Skill Four: Decoration
Skills of braiding, the help from hair wax, good methods for hair-making; if none of those are at your disposal, find yourself a trinket for decoration. Search your dressing case, find the one that could bring your youth back!
Fashion hairstyle 35

Most of the trinkets could be used to decorate meatball. Emma Waston, the little snarks, favors coin-clip. Without hair clip, this meatball is nothing but plain.
Fashion hairstyle 36

Zhang Yuqi puts a huge pearl on her meatball head, posing an elegant gesture that can be imitated in daily life.
Fashion hairstyle 37

A hairband can keep your disconnected hair tight, and improve the overall look.
Fashion hairstyle 38

Say if you have a lot in common with Rihanna, maybe you can challenge flowered skirt and meatball, a good choice for summer beach.
Skill Five: Bring Light on Meatball
Working in Beijing at 31°C, the only thing that cools my mind is the shinning meatball. LOOK, the popular hair that lasted for years in Walk Show and red carpet, is a good reference for meatball as well. The simple outline is well enough to catch people`s pupils.
Fashion hairstyle 39

Shinning hair + Neat outline=Walking air conditioner. Good choice for work, street-seeing, even gym.
Fashion hairstyle 40

Which one suits Miranda Kerr`s round face better, puffy meatball or tiny meatball? Apparently the latter. People may have this false belief: the bigger the meatball is, the smaller the face looks. Small meatball is quite efficient in keep a balance on facial distribution.
Fashion hairstyle 41

Hair quality is the key for high meatball. Paint your humid hair with treatment oil, and your hair shines like black pearl. Rotate them at one direction until they become meatball. The next step is priority number one:
Fashion hairstyle 42

To make your haircut solid, comb your hair with a tooth brush with pomade or hair spray, so that the disconnected hair can be dealt with. If you want to look like the models on Walk Shows, gels will be your first choice not only for this, but for all the glowing haircut.
Skill Six: Bangs is Helpful in Shaping Your Face
Bangs makes hot weather even worse. Yet for those who love bangs, they can never live without bangs. Meatball with bangs can not only shape one`s face, but also fresh one`s mind at the sight of it.
Fashion hairstyle 43

Kendall Jenner looks like a girl from cartoon with this haircut.
Fashion hairstyle 44

Bella Thorne`s bangs was split in the middle, which is a good choice for square face or heart shape face (not for round face)
Fashion hairstyle 45

Air bangs makes Emma Waston more charming without making her sweat.
Fashion hairstyle 46

With air bangs and meatball, Bai Baihe looks like a teenager.
Hold on for some negative examples
Fashion hairstyle 47

Puffy foreheaded Rihanna is perfect with the meatball; however, the pressed bangs weakened the image, making her eyes look puffy and her cheekbone protruding. Fluffy sided bangs with curls will be an improvement.
Fashion hairstyle 48

Sided bangs is a poor choice for thin hair. In the picture on the left side, the figure`s high hair line exposed her amount of hair. In the other picture, however, the choice for long bangs is much better, cause it riches the overall look. Besides, glittering hair also is helpful in this regard.
Common Ways of Making Meatball
After you`ve learnt the common ways of making meatball, you can level it up with braid and decoration.
15s to make meatball:
Fashion hairstyle 49
Step one: Make a ponytail with tight rubber band. Pay attention, use more rubber bangs if your hair is thick so that the meatball will not go loose.
Step two: Tweak your hair on one direction until if forms a meatball, fix the end of your hair with a hair clip, spray it (or not, if you don`t like it). Mission accomplished!
Fashion hairstyle 50

Soft hair and thin hair can skip the ponytail.
Bowknot meatball:
Fashion hairstyle 51

Step one: Make curls on your natural hair and pull them into a high tail.
Fashion hairstyle 53

Step two: Hold your tail with one hand, and comb it with the other so that the tail is puffy enough for a big meatball.
Fashion hairstyle 54

Step three: Tweak your tail slowly (don`t go to hard), and fix the end with hair clip.As you know,Clip in hair is very popular now.
Step four: Step four is the birth of the meatball. Many hair stylist will put a bowknot at the bottom of the bun, and you can do the same if you like.
Fashion hairstyle 55

Go let the world see your bowknot meatball.
Braid meatball:
Fashion hairstyle 56

Step one: Lower your head, and make a French braid from the neck to the top.
Step two: When the braid reaches the top of your head, make a meatball with the rest of your hair. You might want some help from either your friend or your mom, cause it`s difficult to do it all by yourself.
Fashion hairstyle 57




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