Fancy Short Shaggy Hairstyles for This Summer

Summer is coming, we will wear cool clothes to avoid the high temperature  and we also prefer to braid our hair or just wear it up to keep it fresh,and sure tresses it not a good idea appearing in summer. Actually you also can cut your hair short to keep cool  and then I would recommend short shaggy hairstyles, because it’s easy to handle and is also one of the coolest trends sweeping the world of fashion.

As to the short shaggy hairstyles, you can have uneven chops in the front hair or get choppy layers on the sides. No matter it is, it can give your hair a fresh contemporary look.

1. This is straight blonde shaggy hairstyles with side bangs, and the messy touch make it cool.

short shaggy hairstyles-1

2. The curly hair on the bottom add a little punk and cute.

short shaggy hairstyles-3

3. The shaggy hairstyle can give a retro look.

short shaggy hairstyles-2

3. Others will be impressed by the slanted sharp bangs.

short shaggy hairstyles-4

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