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Dear readers, may I have such an honor to ask you a question like: Have you ever watched the hottest TV show in the world nowadays? Of course, you must have an answer. However, by saying the hottest TV show, here I am talking about The Game of Thrones, adapted from the famous book—Songs of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. In the show, there is a beauty named Remy who is so well-known that could be beyond your imagination. Mean and full of jealous though, one has to admit that another girl is a true beauty, and a smart woman, smart enough to be the Queen Regent.

Now, what if I can tell you that you can have the hair of Remy, or, a Remy hair? That is correct, the Besthairbuy.com has now managed the hairstyle of Remy, girls of beauty can now owned the haircut in the TV.

The Besthairbuy.com offers different hairstyle that is fashionable, beautiful and attractive. Also, we can design the hairstyle recommended by our customers. This newest Remy hairstyle and hair weave are the requirement of one of our customers. The work is tricky and full of obstacles, for designing the hairstyle like Brazilian hair bundles calls for very detailed information, which is hard to get on the internet. And observing the hairstyle is also difficult, for certain angles are never provided in the show, which troubles our hair designers quite a lot.

human hair

Thank god, we finally managed to tackle all the problems that came in our way. Our designers firstly used human hair wigs to shape, for wigs are easier to handle than virgin hair, though the original shape of hair is virgin hair.  It was inspiring that one of our genius designers found a way to get the haircut without clip in hair, but solely using one`s hair. Obviously it is not easy to make it on virgin hair, though clip in hair is quite easy for him. Then the follows are the details about such clip in hair.


human hair 1Step 1. Wash and make sure your hair is clean and down naturally, which will be the very first step of the first step of its making. And then, draw out two piece of hair groups in one side of your head.


human hair 2                                     Step 2. Cross these two groups.


human hair 3                                  Step 3. Use one group press on the other.


human hair4                                 Step 4. Continue the last step in same way.


human hair5                                   Step 5. Repeat until it becomes a plait.


human hair6     Step 6. Choose another two hair groups and repeat the above steps.


human hair 7Step 7. Plait a transverse hair bands and come across and connect and tie these former plaits one by one.


human hair8                   Step 8. Carefully plait the transverse band.


human hair9                          Step 9. Use a hairpin to fasten it.


human hair10                           Step 10. Complete! Enjoy it.


The hairstyle designing was a time-consuming task though, we utilized every tool and method at our deposal to satisfy our customer. With time going, we become better and better. If you trust us with your hair, come and visit the very Besthairbuy.com, and we won`t let you down.


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