Dyeing Your Hair Constantly Would Destroys Your Health

With the increasing quality of life, people are paying more and more attention to outward appearance.it is not difficult to notice that hair dye especially hair coloring has become a kind of consumer fashion when you walk along the street.The hair can be dyed in many type of colors such as wine red, brilliant purple and claret red to meet the requirement of customers.People dye hair in order to look more beautiful.However, Have you notice the potential damage behind the beauty.

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Firstly, oxidant is an important component of the hair colorant which has great destructive power on hair keratin can damage the hair tremendously, making the hair baldness, friable, jagging and easily shedding.

Secondly, perpetual tint often contain dye intermediate made from aniline whose irritation and toxicity ranks relatively high in makeup raw materials.No wonder that some people catch a allergic on the outskirts of hair and near the ears and scurf, even leading to symptoms such as swirling and nausea.

Thirdly, tint is made up by two components which need to be mixed up before paint onto the hair.However,people do not know that the reaction which occur at the moment of mixing up will produce a poisonous gas named dioxin in a high concentration.Dioxin is a strong cancercausing toxins admitted by the WHO.It enters the human body through respiratory tract and is difficult to be resolved once detained into the muscle,which will interference the endocrine of human body such as the female hormone and thyroid hormone.It can even lead to human genovariation and induce cancer.So,it is not without scientific principle for the female who is preganant and willing to have baby to keep away from hair coloring.

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Healthy lifestyle and appropriate caring is the magic weapon to improve you dyed hair.

Firstly, shampoo which target at improving the colored hair are suggested. Do not forget the hair conditioner which can nourish your hair.if your hair are oiliness,pay attention not to use too much hair conditioner to avoid the scurf from breeding.Spreading the rinse on the barrette not the scurf.Make sure that you clean your hair thoroughly once you have finished using the hair condition.

The draining of your hair can caused by the wind,sunshine, environment pollution and bad hair caring habits.So we could choose the essence which has the function of retaining water to increase the shining and humidity of your hair.Avoid using shampoo which contain irritate component and fierceness detergent in order not to further damage your hair.Chemical treatment will also cause loss of protein in the hair and damage of water retention factor and affect the balance of the water in your hair.

Lacking of hair will make your hair dry and thin.Too little or too much vitamin A will cause alopecia.Vitamin H which come from beans,fish,yolk and liver can help avoid hair loss.Actually there are plenty of potassium which can increase the humidity of the hair in bananas.Yogurt and milk can provide vitamin A and B which help the potassium go deep into the hair.Honey and wheat germ oil can not only preserve moistrue but it also can moisten the hair.So using the autonomous fruit hair mask can help retain the water in the hair and increase the elasticity of the hair.

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