[Dye hair] A Skill of 7-shade Red

Dyeing our hair red, we always come across this problem: the color near the skin looks like orange, while the red is a little dark at the end. What is the cause of this? When we bleach out natural pigment, yellow pigment exists in newly grown hair, which will appear orange when mingled with red pigment.
The end of our hair has been damaged more, yet the upper hair is healthier. Which means in the same period of time, the end has more pigment, thus it appears darker.
Here are my insights on hair-making. Say if there were mistakes, please don`t be hesitate to tell me.
7/45 80g + 7/0 25g ( 6/0 when hair is divided into different parts or when the difference of color of upper and lower hair is obvious) +0/45 25g + 0/66 15g + 6/11 10g + 12% (or 9%) 150g
Virgin hair   


Knowing the recipe is only half way to success. There are rules to obey: Use apple comb; remain hair piece vertical, in other word, don`t dye on the skin or it generates pain; paint evenly on the hair, and wrap up the hair and keep it warm for 10 minutes
7/45 is the color I want; 7/0 is the hue, in the meantime, it keeps the color from fading; keep the temperature above 7℃; 0/45 is meant to increase the pigment and make the hair looks vivid; 0/66 will neutralize yellow pigment and increase brightness; 6/11 will adjust hues, not a must if the hair has few layers
The recipe above is for layered hair. Paint once for all; Newly grown hair is resistant. It is suggested to adopt another recipe: 1cm above 3/66 + 12% 1:1; for the rest of the hair, 7/45 + 110/0 + 0/45 + 12%; 80: 20:10:130. Stay still for 50 minutes without heating
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