Do you want to protect hair extensions?

Hair extensions originated from Europe .What is this? Hair extensions are that put some beautiful hair into your real hair; extended hair can be real and false, having different color and various styles.

In our daily life, something important should be done to protect the extended hair in order to keep the quality of it. Firstly, you should decrease the chance to go out to avoid the hair being stained with dust which makes you increase the number of washing hair. Controlling the sports is also important. You should avoid sweating profusely or the hair extensions will be damaged. Eating more bean products is beneficial to repair the damaged hair. If you extent black hair, eating carp can make you hair become pitch-black. What’s more, wearing cap and hat is very airtight, which make dandruff grown. Using salt water to wash hair is good for removing hair itching. Scratching hair is harmful to the extended hair, because it is very easy to break the hair.

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It’s very significant to know how to use and chose shampoo and hair conditioner. We begin to talk about shampoo first. We should use hotter water after using repair-series shampoo. On the contrary, colder water should be used after using hair conditioner because the hair scales draw with the cold water so that it can lock the moisture and nutrients. Washing with beer instead of shampoo also protect the extended hair and make hair brighter.

The longest shelf life of hair extensions can last 3 months. How can we make the shelf life as long as possible? I will tell you something you do not know. The ways are as follows. Firstly, combing hair with wide comb gently which can avoid hair falling down. If you want to strengthen the quality of hair, you should wash your hair by tea. Most importantly, don’t let your hair exposure to the sun. The shampoo is very easy to stay into the extended hair; therefore, you shall spend more time in washing the hair with water.

Hair extensions are a fashion .We must go with the times, and go as others do nowadays. Hair extensions are used in daily by lots of people. They want to use it to make their hair style change through different length and colorful hair. Hair extensions can make normal people become outstanding. Artists always have hair extensions. The difference is that artists change their hair in a short period of time for performance.
Do you like hair extensions? I like it very much. I feel like having hair extensions very much.

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