Differences Between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair

Nowadays, wearing wigs enjoy their popularity in fashion society. Increasing individuals are anxious about their thin hair, and they would try their best to camouflage and make themselves decent. Mentioned about wig, there are two kinds of wigs according to the materials: human hair and synthetic hair. I will list the differences between human hair and synthetic hair as followed.

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First and foremost, the main difference between human hair and synthetic hair is the raw material. Human hair is made by real human hair. However, synthetic hair is made by chemical materials. At the required level of visual verisimilitude, human hair is more exceedingly closely; sometimes it is hard to tell it’s your own hair or its fake hair.

Moreover, human hair and synthetic wigs hair have different lifespan. Human hair can be used for about six months and synthetic only can last for around three months.

What’s more, not only there exit different hair quality between human hair and synthetic hair, but also the material of net what connect hair together is different. The human hair has good quality of permeability, sweat volatility, anti microbial and so on. But, synthetic hair’s net has none of these good qualities, and synthetic hair will make you feel extreme torridity.

What comes last but also very important is that the human hair can constantly change hair length, color, and style, and the human hair can be made as the customers’ requirements. However, synthetic hair can not be changed at any time. There is no doubt that synthetic hair still has its benefit, synthetic hair is very cheap, and most of consumers can afford it.

There are so many differences between human hair and synthetic hair mentioned above. Then, I will tell you an easy way to distinguish between human hair and synthetic hair. As an old goes saying that true blue will never stain. This method also can be used here. Fire it. The ashes of human hair can easy to be crushed by hand, and the ashes of synthetic hair can not be crushed by hand.

From my own perspective, buy the synthetic hair if you just for temporary use for its cheap price. And if you want to use wig for a long time, it is a good choice to get a human hair because the advantages of human hair overweight the advantage of synthetic hair.

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