Dashing And Impressive Colored Hair For 2013

Hairstyle and hair color are equally important, both supplementing each other. Therefore, a good catchy collocation will be the absolute highlight. But which color hair is both good-looking and suitable? This section is going to introduce some latest European and American characteristic color hair, which will definitely be a surprise for you.

This asymmetric hairstyle strongly shocks us by its mixing of striking blue hair and purple hair. Comb the hair from back to front and then make both sides layered in a ragged way. Do remember that keep enough length on both sides for the design of layer. Besides, pick such colors as blue and purple for your hair, which will model a cold but quite fashionable lady.

colored hairstyles-1-1

A gentle messy contour enables this short hairstyle to have a variable-length. When doing the haircut, soften the external contour so as to create a personalized as well as gradually varied fringe. Light purple and pink, which is used in inside and strengthened in the bend of the hair, create a stereo hairstyle in a gradually varied way.

colored hairstyles-2-2

This coral red hair focuses on the release of unconnected texture within the internal short bang, creating a unique shape by decorating a broken and serrated outer contour. All these factors contribute a daily hair style into a fashionable hairstyle which is usually displayed in a fashion show, combining strength and feminine qualities in a perfect way.

colored hairstyles-3-3

Katy Perry’s straight bob, which is dyed in pink golden mixed in a color gradient way, gives her hair a distinguished look. What’s more, it impresses people by the sense of leisure and lightsome. It seems that Asian people prefer straight black hair. But if you want to change your mood, you may also consider such color hair on the condition that you are fair-skinned.

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