Cut Your Hair Short for a Nicely-Looking Hair Style

Although a full head of long straight hair is still the first choice of young girls, more and more ladies tend to cut their hair short to get a handsome short hair style, which is the latest fashion trend of  recent years’ celebrity hairstyles. However, designing a pretty fashion hair style doesn’t merely mean cutting your hair short. If you want to design a smart short hair style for yourself, there are many other tips which you still need to take care of besides cutting your hair short. Designing a decent short hair style is never an easy thing for girls to achieve because each girl has the love for the fashion style of her own.

Thus, in order to give girls some help about designing a pretty short hairstyle, we have collected several successfully-designed short hairstyles in this article. So now, it is your chance to learn about how to cut your hair short for a nicely-looking hair style.

Short Hairstyle1

For girls with curly hair, this short hairstyle is worth a try. At first sight, the full-bodied Korean style shows people a kind of retro beauty. In addition, the heavy waviness of the side-parted curly hair outlines the unique fashion temperament of the white females. Interspersed by the red lips, the whole style design can delude one to folly. Such an attractive hair style is definitely worth trying.

Short Hairstyle2

If you are a school girl and you want to look more agile, then you might as well give this short hairstyle a shot. The fashion style of this hair style places more emphasis on being more agile so the whole hair style is rather neat and tidy. And the short blonde hair glued to the face makes the skin very fair. Wearing this hairstyle, a girl can look very handsome.

Short Hairstyle3

Among all the short hair styles, this kind of bob haircut can be regarded as the one that can most effectively extrude a super model’s fashion temperament. The long fringe is parted in the middle, which is a magnanimous and simple hair design. And the wavy hair ends reveal a strong tempting sense.

Short Hairstyle4

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