[Curly Hair Weave] Bangs for Short hair

Bangs for short haircut has so much potential to become the headline!

Relief yourself from shoulder-length hair, the hot is so torturing!
Bob cut 1

How can we make our bob looks different? Here is the way: cover your brows with thick bangs and fluff the hair on the top. That`s priority! Don`t make the whole style symmetric, or else there is nothing new.

Bob cut 2

Irregular curly bob decorated by side-parting bangs is the most “in” style. Besides, LOB curls on bob is also a good idea.

Bob cut 3

This bob has side parting as well, yet the curl-ended design adds the vitality. What`s more, this style is perfect for different faces, slender, square or even wide forehead.
In contrast, this bob + bangs generates the aura field in which people feel comfortable.

Bob cut 4

One-nine scaled bangs; casual curls on one side and inward curls on the other, all of these contribute to the sense of imbalance which increases one`s charisma.Perfect choice for both a date and work

Bob cut 5

Straight bob with air bangs has more pursuers. The bangs is a highlight, though caring bangs takes more time.

Bob cut 6

Curly ended straight bob with side-parting bangs is the latest hairstyle. http://www.besthairbuy.com/u-part-wigs/ Its curls makes your hair appear thicker, and your face appear slender.

Bob cut 7

Stright bob with irregular bangs is the character of sweet girl, and it is helpful in making one look younger.
Long faced girls are welcome to try this out.

Bob cut 8

Side-parting bangs along with hair on the temples can shape your face well. And the eyebrow bangs is widely accepted.
Layers on the back will thicken your natural hair.

Bob cut 9

Straight bob with side parting bangs. The creative way of trimming hair generates the sense of layering.
Brown hair serves to highlight your skin, and makes you look healty.

Bob cut 10

Straight bob with inward bangs highlights your cute outline, while brown hair serves to highlight your skin.

Bob cut 11

One-nine scaled eyebrow bangs for curled bob forges the asymmetric beauty, thanks to which, this regular bob becomes more fashionable.

Bob cut 12

Curled bob with air bangs suits thin-haired girls. Embrace the fashion!

Bob cut 13

Light brown bob. Look at the thin bangs and slight curls. The casual manner is a scene to meet people`s eyes.

Bob cut 14
Straight bob, good choice for chubby face. Casually trimmed bangs forsake the boredom of neat ones. And the color highlights the skin.

Bob cut 15

Talking about straight bob, different ways of trimming produces different beauties.
In the meantime, this style is perfect in modifying cheeks.
There is a reason for the bob`s longevity: its flexibility. I wish the styles I provided will be helpful to you.

♥And if you have any question or idea, welcome to leave comments here

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