[Crystal collection] How to Be a Net-star with Your Hair

You might have seen this before, but still, I will talk about net-stars festival today.

Lying silkworm Girl

Is anyone following Lying silkworm Girl on blog?

Usually, her pictures are always like this, no matter it is a selfie or a regular picture:

Crystal collection 1

Eyebrow bangs and flaxen shortcut, plus a semi-meatball. Gee! She could be our model!

Crystal collection 2Crystal collection 3

I believe many girls made their eyebrow bangs and meatball in accordance with her. It is a good choice actully. Her bangs and hair at temples can cover forehead and shape face, I give her 80!

Crystal collection 4

Cute as it is, double meatballs are high appreciated. With this style and one-piece dress, go take the summer beach by storm.Pay attention on the hair on the back.▼

Crystal collection 5

Lying silkworm Girl looks like a teenager with this fluffy corn-perm.

Crystal collection 6

The fluffy flaxen and backward shortcut is incomparable to most of the shortcuts.

Crystal collection 7

The very combination of beauty and handsome! http://www.besthairbuy.com/crystal-collection/


This net-star uploaded some videos and her hairstyles. I really like her short hair, which almost seduced me into the group of short hair.

Crystal collection 8Crystal collection 12Crystal collection 11Crystal collection 10Crystal collection 9

Baby-like face and thin bangs are her features. Whatever kind of curls are all ok for her face, making her small face looks more delicate.

Glasses, hair band or hat all suit this shortcut.

Crystal collection 13Crystal collection 14Crystal collection 15Crystal collection 16

Meatball on shortcut is nice as the same. Thicker than air bangs, the hair on the eyebrows look really attractive without covering eyes.

Higher or lower, the meatball is always Dajin`s speciality.

I cannot help but get jealous of her beauty!

Pretty Xiaxia

Crystal collection 17

In most of her pictures, her hair was light brown.This middle-split brown hair makes her look white and healthy.

Crystal collection 18

At this red hair, I recall a line: Faces as Red as Peach Blossoms.The blush on the pale face under the pink hair looks like the butt of monkeys.

Crystal collection 19Crystal collection 20Crystal collection 21Crystal collection 22

Meatball on long hair should keep low. Like shown in the picture, when the meatall is fixed, mingle the hair with the rest……This will be much easier for short hair.

Crystal collection 23

A better idea: make your semi-meatball into a semi-ponytail. The ponytail is easy to make, and keeps your hair tidy.

Crystal collection 24Crystal collection 25

I have to admit that Pretty Xiaxia is pretty indeed. She applied the method of tying bangs to long hair and fixed the hair with rubber band and hair clips on the back, thus her forehead is appropriately exposed.

Crystal collection 26Crystal collection 27

Casual of formal, she can handle this korean-style meatball all the same.What a beauty! She is one of the girls that shocked on the net-star festival~~~

Zhang Dayi

Another highly praised net star, Zhang Dayi.She was named as the most beautiful no-make-girl.

Crystal collection 28Crystal collection 29Crystal collection 30

In her pictures, Zhang Dayin was mostly seen in side-split long hair.

Crystal collection 32Crystal collection 31

Irregular mid-split is her feature. She likes covering her cheek with the bangs.This one is stright mid-split, of course.

Crystal collection 33

What makes her meatball different is the light bangs split in the middle.


This one is known for the most……

Crystal collection 34

Shangkan, the kitty in Tiny Time▼

Crystal collection 35

As it turns out, net-stars are by no means professional models.I went through her blog and looked up some of her pictures. Let`s forget about the cameraman for a second, Shangkan looks so much better than the most. That`s professional!

Crystal collection 36Crystal collection 37Crystal collection 38Crystal collection 39Crystal collection 40

Papi Jiang

Net-stars are not on the same level with real stars, just as goose is not on the stage with swan. While net-stars competing beauty with each other, Papi Jiang didn`t spend too much time on her hair-making, for she had more than that.Academic girl is different indeed……

Crystal collection 41Crystal collection 42

Slight make-up and tiny curls for the show.

Crystal collection 44Crystal collection 43

Both sideswept bangs and air bangs suit her chrasma.​



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