[Closure] Attractive “Fruit Hairstyle”

After meatball-head
“Fruit Hairstyle” have taken the circle of female stars by storm!Different from some hairstyle, “fruit hairstyle” includes apple head, pineapple braid and grape cluster. It is as good and cute as it sounds.

Closure 1

Apple Head

Tie up one strand of virgin hair on the top and keep the rest remain still. By the look of it, people always remember apple, and that is how this stype got its name.

Lin Yuner

Closure 2

This apple head was made by using curling iron. Decorated by a knotbow, Yuner is never so young!

Closure 3

Gulnezer also had apple head. With this cute hairstyle, she looks even younger than she is.

Zheng Shuang

Closure 4

Cute and neat is she already is, the ornament and the hairstyle put her cuteness onto an incomparable high ground.

Yang Mi

This hairstyle is quiet and gentle. How can Yang Mi miss this style.Once take it, one can never stop!
Closure 5

(Brushing teeth)
Closure 6

(At the airport)

If truth be told, one can never tell that Yang Mi has had given birth to a child. I give the credit to the apple head!


Pineapple Braid
Besides apple head, pineapple braid is another hot spot.It got its name for the pineapple-like looking.

Closure 7

Handsome air force unifor, delicate pineapple braid, and the queer hat, all of these contributed to her charisma!

Closure 8

The Vampire Queen Nina is surely in love with pineapple braid. Does she look like barbie?


Closure 9

The choice for this hairstyle must be made out of deliberation. Active braid and the disconnected hair are the best to show her outline.

Selena Gomez

Closure 10

Pineapple braid and white T-shirt, one can barely take his eyes away from Selena Gomez for a second!


Grapes Cluster

Grapes cluster, as its name suggests, you can see the hair-made grapes on the long braid.


Closure 11

One have to admit that Angelababy is always beautiful whatever is her hairstyle. Look at the grapes cluster and the red on her lips, what a sexy beauty she is! https://www.besthairbuy.com/virgin-hair/
Kendall Jenner
Closure 12

Kendall Jenner with grapes cluster. The strands on both sides help shape her face.

Bella Thorne
Closure 13

Grapes cluster with air bangs is a good idea, thanks for Bella Thorne.

Blake Lively
Closure 13

Hot woman Blake Lively has sparking hair. Each “grape” is loosened so that the hair look fluffy.

Closure 14

Cute and lovely fruit head, are you ready to take it?
Long virgin hair is required for fruit head.
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Closure 15

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