Clip In Hair Extensions Help You Have A Nice Summer

It is said that girls would like to spend more money on their hair. Thus, the hair-cutting industry is booming. When we are tired with a hairstyle, we will change it immediately. There are several prevalent hairstyles: straight hairstyle, curly hairstyle, short hairstyle and so on. However, curly hairstyle and straight hairstyle will hurt the original hair badly. Therefore, more and more girls start to make the hair extensions. Originally, hair extensions is for wealthy people who want to change their hair as they want and like. Lately, it becomes a public hair culture.

There are many advantages of clip in hair extensions. Firstly, hair extensions can protect your hair from all kinds of harmful chemical. Secondly, you can change the length of hair casually. Generally, our hair will increase 2cm in a month. However, hair extensions can break this limitation. Thirdly, it is good to grow a long hairstyle. When you have your hair cutting short, it will be very ugly. The hair extensions can avoid you from facing an imperfect self. Lastly, the hair of hair extension is full of lines. Thus, your whole hair will be healthy and beautiful. Of course, you need to pay attention to the quality of hair extensions when you are doing a clip in hair extensions.the good quality clip in hair extensionsHow can we make clip in hair extensions by ourselves?

First, when you make the clip in hair extensions, you need to choose according to your facial form, or the effect will be weak. What’s more, you’d better choose the hair extensions in the same color with your hair.clip your own hair up as the first stepSecond, pick out a half of your own hair and set it up. The rest hair should be purled by a curling iron to build a natural curve.fix the clip in your won hair

Third, you need to put the clip in hair extensions to the ray of the hair you have set and fix with a tiny hairpin. The length of your hair can be made according to your own hair.

Fourth, pour some spray on your hands. You have to rub your own hair and hair extensions together and brush the spray at the same time. Therefore, the hair extensions will mix with your hair which can be hard to make out.rub the hair and spray some spray

Last, you can comb the spray you brushed carefully with a thinner comb and wear some hair fixed product.

Girls, make the clip in hair extensions by yourselves to live a sweet summer!





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