Classy Ultra-Short Hairstyles for Women

Do you want to transform your appearance this summer? I think you could start from your hairstyles. A little bit change in your hair can change your appearance dramatically  Summer is coming, and I would recommend the short but sexy pixie hairstyles. If your have perfect forehead and cheek bone  then the pixie can heighten your advantages completely.

Short hairstyles is hot this year for many celebrities have cut their long hair. Short hairstyles could give you the look of punk, but also could let you be feminine. Sometimes, less is more,you also could use have different styles with your short hair,such as, you could part your hair to one side,or get asymmetrical short front bangs,or razor on one side.

Now let’s look at some cool sexy and feminine ultra-short hairstyles.

1.Blonde hair. The hairband make her looks like a cute girl.

ultra-short hairstyles for blonde hair

2. Red hair. Her hairstyle is  unique and catching eyes if she walking on the street.

ultra-short hairstyles for red hair

3. Black hair. Her short hairstyles let her have a strong hairline, but her eyes let her to be tender woman.

ultra-short hairstyles for black woman

4. Brown hair. This looks like a boy cut , but her blue earrings let her very gentle.

ultra-short hairstyles for brown hair

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