Choose Wigs? You Should Know Your Face Shape

Nowadays, more and more people wearing wigs. But if you think it’s easy to choose a suitable wig, you think it wrong. A perfect wig should be in line with your temperament and play a part in beautifying your face, which is a golden rule of choosing wigs.

Everyone has its own face, so it’s necessary to find a wig which is suit for your own face. Here are some tips about how to choose a wig basing on your face.

face shape

  • Elliptical Face

This type of face is suit to have some hair banged on the forehead and a oblique bang will makes you feel lovely. Also wigs which are long hairstyle or curly hairstyle are much more attractive.

  •  Round Face

Wigs with thick hair on the top of the head or with bangs, which can lengthen the moon face visually, is a good choice for the face. Both long hair and medium hair are good for this type of face, but, be careful, the too short hairstyle should be avoided.

  •  Square Face

The key point to choose wigs of square face is bangs. Side-parting long bangs or oblique can soften this angular face. Also the long wavy hair can cover the over prominent cheekbones. Briefly, square face is suit for some soft hair.

  •  Long Face

To avoid showing the whole face, the long-faced people can try a thick bang in order to make the forehead feel plumpness, and fluff the sides out. This type of wigs can shorten the face visually and modify the face line. In addition, long straight hairstyle is not good.

  • Triangle Face

This type of face has a narrow forehead and wide cheeks. Because of the narrow forehead, the wigs with thick bangs or neat bangs are helpful choices. Sides don’t be too short and leave some hair to cover the wide cheeks. The upper part of the wigs should be fluffy so as to cover the shortcomings of the face and prettify the face. Moreover, shoulder-length hair is suit for the face.

  •  Inverted Triangle Face

This type of face, with a wide forehead and a pointed chin, is contrary to the triangle face. Some airy bangs can well prettify the wide part of the forehead and show the under part of the face. The point of choosing wigs for the face is the length of the hair which doesn’t make the face so pointed.

There are various wigs, but how to choose a prefect one is the most important. Hope that the tips mentioned above can be helpful while you are picking your wigs.

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