[Celebrity Hairstyles] “Sly Suzy”of Miss A

What do you know about Miss A? Last month, the Chinese member`s contract with Miss A came to expiration, and not long after, another contract was signed between the member and Wang Sicong.
Some rumors say that the whole bang is only a form; it exists mainly for one person.
That is: Suzy!

Suzy 1

Not long ago, I heard people saying (probably the other three members in Miss A would agree) that the others in this team are secondary.
Well, if that information is solid, there is nothing we can do. Not everyone can be Suzy, after all!
Suzy 2

There were pictures indicating the affection between Suzy and Lee MinHo; and the two confirmed their relation afterwards.
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Suzy is setting her foot into film and television industry: The Mizuki drama with Suzy and Kim Woo Bin playing the leading roles is about to release this summer holiday.
Born in 1994, where is the charisma of such a 22-year old girl from?
(Probably you can pick her brain from now on. Make yourself the center of the stage)
Sideswept long virgin hair: Helpful in shaping face

Suzy 4

Charisma 1: No one would refuse a smile, especially such a charming smile.
Smile does not only bring people friends, but also luck.
Suzy does not acquire an oval face, as matter of fact, her face is fluffy to a small extent: When smile comes up to her face, both her eyebrows and eyes were smiling with her.▼
Sideswept long virgin hair is helpful in shaping face. Suzy`s upper face is wider than the lower, yet a sideswept style shapes her face into an oval.

Suzy 5

Sideswept, both long hair and medium long hair, can always decrease the width of one`s face.▼

Suzy 6

But, there is a haircut that widens her face: straight mid-split.▼

Suzy 7Suzy 8

I am not depreciating or belittling straight mid-split, but this style is not suitable for Suzy`s face.
Mid-split curls Maturity and age are irrelevant

Suzy 9

Charisma 2: One can be both elegant and cute.
Are elegance and loveliness on opposite polars?
Her long curly hair turned this young girl into a mature and elegant woman.▼

Suzy 10

I highly appreciate the mid-split with long curls in this picture. Along with her expressionless face, a new charm is born. (Most of the pictures were photoshoped, that`s known. But this haircut does have the function of shaping face.)

Suzy 11

The combination of youth and maturity is especially impressive.
On length, the brown curls is different from the rest. (Let`s call it long bangs for now). The curls going backward coordinate the overall style.▼

Suzy 12

Flaxen wavy hair and sideswept hair can only be seen in posters. The red on her lips are nice match.▼

Suzy 13

Talking about loveliness, Suzy was mostly seen wearing those lovely headband in signature events.
Black bunny ears

Suzy 14

Mickey`s ears
Suzy 15

Bowknot and pink bunny ears are the best for young girls.

Suzy 16

Running out of tools? Make good use of your expression and hands.
For example: Lovely expression and fists beside face▼

Suzy 17

V-hand, sideswept head▼

Suzy 18

Heart-shape arms are delivering her love▼
Suzy 19

Mid-split long hair and sideswept low ponytail are as simple as 1 plus 1.Yet it is enough for a cute goddess.
Mid-split bangs: What a sweet creature
Suzy 20

Chrasima 3
Being “in” all the time and choosing the style that suits you best.
Each superstar has handful skill like singing and performing. Among all of these, knowing how to make up is prior.

She had eyebrow bangs before▼

Suzy 21

Air bangs is a piece of cake.▼

Suzy 22

Mid-split bangs became surprisingly popular due to the Descendants of the Sun, a TV show led by Song Hye Kyo. Different versions of mid-split bangs flooded into the streets.▼

Suzy 23

Mid-split bangs were seen everywhere, including INS. Thumbs up!▼

Suzy 24

Suzy in the street. White shirt and black pants are regular way of dressing, yet no longer regular when it was Suzy. Low ponytail, and casually gestured mid-split.

Suzy 25

This bangs was firstly seen in Suzy`s new TV show. I am waiting to see the craze over it.

Suzy 26

She was also often seen with semi-tied hair in many occasions.
Such as this mid-split bangs + long curls.▼

Suzy 27Suzy 28Suzy 29

You don`t have to copy everything from what you saw. You can level up your bangs and make them better. This bangs shapes your outline without shortening your face.▼

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Suzy followed short hair craze as well (though I like her better in long virgin hair)▼
Suzy 31Suzy 32

Shoulder-length LOB. The advantage of this haircut is that you don`t have to worry about the length.
Suzy 33

Charisma 4: Dress properly!
Brand is not a must, but it has to suit you.
A good shirt is the one that shows your outline. Your hairstyle and dressing style should be consistent.▼

Suzy 34Suzy 35

Mid-split low ponytail, the shoulder-exposed black coat and the red bag make her smile even more attractive.▼

Suzy 36

Fluffy curls is the style for leisure time.▼

Suzy 37

She looks glowing with the hat▼

Suzy 38

Not everyone can be the dream-lover of the whole nation
I wish you could be beautiful one day. Booming like a flower.


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