Celebrity Hairstyles on Cannes Film Festival

On the Cannes Film Festival which ended not long ago, not only the result of the reward would draw our interest, I think, but also the various fashionable celebrity hairstyles could cause our great concern. From them, we can easily know the most popular hairstyles of this season as well as the classic one that would not be out-dated. On the other hand, we may follow their way to choose the best hairstyles for ourselves. Now, let’s enjoy the special celebrity hairstyles together.

Celebrity Hairstyles with Elegant Up-do

Chinese actresses led by Bingbing Fan had drawn great attention on the Cannes Film Festival. Not only Bingbing Fan and Feier Li, who attended international film festival at the first time, but also Michelle Yeoh, who had attended the Cannes Film Festival for many times, they all chose elegant up-do as their hairstyles, which looked conspicuous and beautiful. We can apparently see that tilted frisette is suitable for Asian faces, because it can flatter their face shape and create a soft facial contour.


Celebrity Hairstyles with High Beams

It seems that high beams are quite popular among European and American celebrities. The stripper Julie Atlas Muz who wore golden curly hair matching her flower dress with little cloth looked really sexy, but compared with the “desperate housewife” Eva Longoria Parker with elegant style and Lucy Punch with high fashion style, she did pale.


Celebrity Hairstyles with Classic Buns

When attending some great events, no matter what type of gown you choose, classic buns can match it very well. And classic buns, as always, are beloved by many celebrities. Indian actress Aishwarya Ra and the stripper Kitten on The Keys as well as Evangeline Lilly all opt for it to bring out their gown. In reality, if you have quite a beautiful face, such hairstyle can no doubt bring you a tidy and conspicuous look.












Celebrity Hairstyles with Shoulder-length Hair

Shoulder-length hair can bring your femininity to an extreme, and is more manageable compared to buns as well. It makes women look so kind and natural that they can seldom say no to it. No matter what your skin tone is, whether fair or wheat, this hairstyle can make you attractive and feminine.

Above are four typical celebrity hairstyles that I selected for you on the Cannes Film Festival. And I believe that you can learn something useful for your own hairstyling. Keep in mind that celebrity hairstyles are not only for celebrities.

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