How to Care for Wavy Hair?

How to Care for Wavy Hair

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Okay, so you are an independent woman. You get up early in the morning, go to the office, come back home and take care of the household chores. In the routine of regular workload, when the weekly and monthly targets have to be met on time and when after office hours you have to prepare a meal for the family, do you also require an another source of tautness?

Every woman since time immemorial has been extremely sensitive towards her hair; be it long, short, wavy or straight. The issue is so delicate that even the loss of a few strands while combing or styling makes her blood run cold! However, this maintenance becomes an even more serious task when you are using natural hair wig or extensions. Everything about natural hair is sensitive and you have to be extremely careful with them to make sure that they don’t lose their quality as well as texture. Another thing is that natural hair is exactly like your virgin hair, so naturally, you have to provide them with the same care. Wavy hair is beautiful as they provide the perfect blend between straight hair and curly hair so if you have a wavy natural hair you need to put in a little extra care to make sure they remain beautiful.

So, my lovely ladies! Today I bring forth you a few tips regarding how to take care of wavy hair and also a few pieces of advice for easy celebrity-hair-look which would make you feel gorgeous every day and will surely help you stand tall!

LIMIT THE WASHING: Don’t wash your hair every day so that it could maintain its natural oils. Shampoo your hair once or twice a week as the natural oils already fail to reach the hair ends and overwashing can prove to be a disaster! When you buy your products from the BestHairBuy you know you will be getting only the best, however, it is your responsibility to maintain the quality of the hair.

CHOOSE WISELY: The best and recommended a shampoo for natural African-American wigs is the BestHairBuy shampoo which is an oil-based moisturizing shampoo to seal in water. It keeps your hair moisturized for a longer period of time. Products by BestHairBuy actually does what it says for your curls.

KEEP IT NATURAL: Avoid blow-drying your hair as the best texture is when you let it dry naturally. Try not to apply heat unless totally necessary.

DEEP CONDITIONING: You must moisturize your hair as much as possible. When working keep your hair in a wrap and let the oil sink in. Talking about wavy hair, the ends tend to be dry. Make sure that you buy extra conditioning products like 100X Moisture by BestHairBuy.

USE A WIDE TOOTHED COMB: Always try to use a wide toothed comb for wavy hair, to avoid hair breakage. Do not detangle dry curls as it will make it frizzy. Detangle when it is half wet.

TRY USING COLD WATER: Cold water gives your hair a shiny and healthy look. Although one feels relaxed after a hot water shower hot water is a big NO for your hair as it opens the cuticles which make your hair look frizzy and non-moisturized.

Wavy hair gives a woman a number of great looks from classy to beachy. To take care of it is a task but it is worth it, after all, it makes you shine in the crowd and also makes the man of the house compliment you every now and then. So, let your hair define your personality and keep it simple and stylish.

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