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The season for commotion has finally arrived. Each season had witnessed the unpredictable changes of hair color of girls in South Korean bands. Yet this year, it has happened since spring. Their hair changes like chameleon and your eyes will become dizzy soon if you stare at them for a while. Their hair may be more colorful in the summer.
Brazilian Virgin Hair 1

Kim Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation
As a fashion icon, Kim Taeyeon is not only making changes with the length of her Virgin hair, but the color. You see her hair slight gold + green in January, but pure gold months later. Also grey hair were posted to INS when the color was flooding in. Each of them were super cool.

Brazilian Virgin Hair 2

HaNi, a member of EXID, was a sweet girl when in brown hair. In 2015, her green hair helped her steal the spotlight. Yet recently, brown hair found its way back to her head, making her a sexy and mature woman.

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Not only the band girls make frequent changes, but also superstars. Pony was seen with purple-pink hair, but later light purple + blue. Now blue and green are mingled on her head. What’s better of superstars?

Many girls dyed hair in accordance with stars, yet the result is always disappointing. The mistake is that they failed to dye their hair according to the color of their skin.
Brazilian Virgin Hair 4

White skin ( the most wanted)
Dark color or light color, both suits white skin girls. Coffee, brown or flaxen are all good choices. Do not choose light golden if you look pale, for the color will only make you more so. If you have to try light golden, then spend more time on make-up.

Brazilian Virgin Hair 5

Yellow skin
Brown-red, coffee, purple-red suit yellow skin and make you look better in an all round way. Macarons hair maybe, if you are confident enough. Don`t take yellow or any color that appear yellow, for they make you look lame.
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Healthy skin (bronzed color)
Some girls are bronzed color, lucky for them. Well, golden bronze or brown bronze will be nice, for they highlight your skin. Dark brown and blue hair make you look fairer. Never take brown yellow or yellow bronze.

Brazilian Virgin Hair 7

White touched with red (pink skin)
Pink skin might want to take white golden or light golden, flaxen or coffee. Red, brown red or any warm color are forbidden.
Brazilian Virgin Hair 8

Beside skin, you might want to think about the steps for dyeing. Grey hair, the one stuffed social media moments not long ago, takes a number of steps and damages your hair. If your hair is not healthy, or irregular and messed hair is the last thing you want, think twice on grey hair.

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