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Do you want to have long straight hair?

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Want to have attractive long Brazilian curly hair, but do not have the time and patience to wait for them to grow back? Then try using false strands! They not only look natural, but they are still easy to use on their own.

The dream of growing long hair is probably one of the most popular among modern girls. But for each of them, it is important not only long hair but long, beautiful and healthy hair. The idea of building up is tempting, but for many, it just does not fit. But the strands on the barrettes always interested me. The advantages are obvious: the price is much lower, the damage to the hair is much less, it is more convenient to take care of them, you can wear it whenever you want, you can use it for some important event.

Whether synthetic or natural strands, they are fixed on a hair clip in the base, which allows them to be temporarily attached to your hair.

This is the cheapest strand, as well as the easiest to fasten.

The strands need to be reinforced every day, as they begin to move away from the hair in the course of time.

Brazilian Straight Hair is a series of hair that must be stuck to your own hair to give them extra length. You can buy both synthetic and real human overhead hair, but the latter will cost more.

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Choose the hair color closest to your own. Overhead strands should look natural, which can not be achieved if there is a difference in colors.

Choose the right hair length. In spite of the fact that you obviously want the overhead strands to be longer than your hair, avoid a cardinal difference in the length of your hair and false hair. This will not only look unnatural, but it will cost significantly more. The additional length should be 15-20 centimeters maximum.

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It’s better to simplify your way into the world of false hair, starting first with the Brazilian Straight Hair of brand “BestHairBuy”.

Whenever possible, let a professional stylist impose strands for you instead of you.

Despite the fact that it can be more expensive, at the same time, the stress that you may need to survive with self-imposed strands is significantly reduced, and the probability of obtaining a successful result will be increased.

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The fact that these strands are simply beautiful to wear loose, they open great prospects for creating hairstyles, volumetric weaving.

You can use Brazilian Straight hair as you want. You can even curl them or braid them. For example, while the curls are still wet, you can wind them on curlers, but the alignment iron is better to conduct on completely dry strands. The use of fixing means is also not prohibited, most importantly, to select the optimal fixation and composition.

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Natural hair is well tolerated by most of the procedures that women perform with their natural strands. The only warning is not to overuse strong combing because the damaged structure of the curls can not recover, as its natural variant

But when you use laying strands, be careful not to see fastenings. They also easily tolerate the effect of laying agents, but synthetic ones are best laid with the use of means of easy fixation.

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In general, if you wanted long and thick hair, you get using the curls on the barrettes. The master will help you choose a suitable model or you can use your own imagination. Hairstyles with false hair are characterized by greater pomp and volume, as well as the ability to realize long-planned plans at the desired length.

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