Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair

Why BestHairBuy Products are Good to Maintain Healthy Hair

When you are rushing for your work, the last thing you would be doing is to spend hours in the shower fighting with hair with all your styling equipment, trying to put yourself together before you go out. This might be a common story for many ladies out there. Everyone wants to get rid of it and wear gorgeous hair in their daily life. However, it gets a bit frustrating when managing rough, dried and frizzy hair becomes an integral part of your daily routine. Blame it on the weather, oversleeping, humid atmosphere to let your hair styling efforts go down.

Managing bad hair regularly can be hectic and time-consuming too. This where BestHairBuy steps in and literally rescue you out of this maddening situation. BestHairBuy being the leading online hair extensions shop supplies top quality hair accessories like fashion 360 lace frontals, 100{56dd09360fc2d717c81038b6cb4897cc733ddc1da0d09cbada72a755763e2e52} virgin hair bundles, hair extensions and much more. Get all of your bad hair problems solved and look gorgeous every day by styling your hair with these products of BestHairBuy.

To maintain top quality in all the products, hair texture and eminence used in it makes the whole difference to obtain best ever results. BestHairBuy always uses 100{56dd09360fc2d717c81038b6cb4897cc733ddc1da0d09cbada72a755763e2e52} virgin hair. Two types of hair are what we focus on using in our products, Indian Hair, and Brazilian hair. You must understand the texture and quality of these two types.

Brazilian Hair


brazilian straight hair02

The key features of this kind of hair possess, are durability, thickness, and softness. This blends perfectly with various kinds of ethnicities like Caucasian and African American textures. Brazilian hair has a natural shine and low-to-medium luster. The texture of this type of hair also makes it less frizzy and it can hold up to the curls much longer compared to the other types. For its durability, it is also very easy to maintain.

Indian Hair


This kind of hair is popular because of its length, texture, and softness. Just like the Brazilian type, it is not only bouncy and naturally airy, but also can be styled easily. It is very good for wigs and hair extensions. However, it has a tendency to become frizzy and swelled up in foggy and humid weathers. That is why needs anti-frizz products.

Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair

If you want to compare these two types for better compatibility with African American hair, you will notice that they both blends well with this kind of hair. Therefore, the battle of Brazilian hair vs Indian hair finishes with a tie. Both the types are very good to be used in several styling accessories like Virgin hair bundles, hair extensions, and fashion 360 lace frontals.

African American Women, who love to style up their hair on regular basis, most often have to face challenges in order to keep their hair healthy. BestHairBuy have come up with some easy tips to help them maintain healthy locks.

• While making braids, cornrows or waves for styling make sure that your hair doesn’t hurt. For if the pain is there, it means damage is also following.

• Use the relaxers properly with the help of a trained professional. This would minimize hair damage. Also, remember that you should never apply the relaxers to the already relaxed hair and the touch-ups should be done in two or three months on to the newly grown hairs only.

• Always use heat protectors before styling to minimize heat damages.

• After washing your hair, always use conditioner to the ends of the hair as they tend to get damaged easily for being older.

• Don’t wash your hair more than once in a week. This will help to prevent building-up of the hair care products that can dry the hair.

• Use a straightening device with temperature controls, and always use it in lowest temperature. Also, don’t iron or ceramic comb the hair more than once in a week.

• Treat your hair with a hot oil massage twice in a month to add moisture and elasticity to it.

• Use dry shampoo before work outs. This will soak up the sweat and oil from the scalp and help to keep it clean.

• Try to keep it natural and use minimum chemicals to keep your hair healthy. Instead, use BestHairBuy products to style up your locks.

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