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Brazilian Body Wave Hair is an excellent trick that will allow you to get long wavy hair instantly. You want to try artificial strands, but are afraid that this procedure will negatively affect the health of your hair? Stop doubting!
Many women are very fond of experiments with appearance. In this regard, there is often a need to change the color of hair or hair. And if everything is more or less clear and simple with colorings, haircuts or curls, then if you want to grow long, wavy hair, everything is much more complicated, because you have to take into account the natural hair growth time, which usually does not exceed one and a half to two centimeters, and often even less . In this regard, it takes a very long time to find such long-desired long hair. But with the advent of new technologies in hairdressing, this process is not necessary, hair extension is much easier.

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Decide what kind of hair you want. Overlays can be of two types: synthetic and natural. Synthetic overhead strands are made from a mixture of keratin and plastic, which mimics the look of a human hair. Natural human hair is surrendered by real people, after which they produce false strands.Synthetic hair is a good imitation of natural hair, but it lacks texture and luster of natural hair.Natural false strands are a great alternative to building up, which badly damages your hair and requires special expensive care. However, when choosing strands of nada to consider the type of hair.

Choose, if possible, natural strands for the building. Of course, the quality of artificial hair in recent years has improved noticeably, but it is best to use natural remedies. Hair of excellent quality is offered to you by brand “BestHairBuy”.
Careful care and compliance with all the nuances – a pledge of the durability of the Brazilian Deep Curly. Most of the tips, one way or another, apply to your real curls, so they have long been familiar.

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As necessary, strands should preferably be washed using a mild shampoo for normal hair. You can also use the means for colored hair, if the strands have also been subjected to this procedure. Removable curls are best washed in a small bowl or basin with warm water.

The procedure itself is not much different from the usual washing of the head, except for more gentle washing. After rinsing thoroughly after shampoo, it is also desirable to apply balm – conditioner or mask and wait for the time.
After the overhead strands are washed, they must also be carefully dried. To do this, you can not use a dryer and hot drying near the source of fire.

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It is best to spread the strands on a towel and leave to dry for the night naturally.Before drying, the waves can be combed by using a soft brush with natural bristles. There should not be balls on the tips, nor is it recommended to use the comb. Comb your hair from the bottom up, if there are tangled areas, very carefully unravel them, avoiding unnecessary trauma of the structure.

As a rule, strands are attached to the roots, so under their hair is not visible. After fixing all the strands inside the hair mass, all the hair on the head is lowered down and neatly straightened. Your irresistible hairstyle from lush and long hair is ready
Natural and artificial overhead strands are a convenient, fast, modern way to make hair longer, lush, more expressive, the hair style is more original, and the woman is happier.

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