[Trend Hair Extensions] Boxer Braid is Taking This Summer

When it comes to hairstyle, girls are easy to be fond of the new and tired of the old. Old are the half meatball and low ponytail; new is the style konw as Boxer braid.

Boxer Braid 1

In a show or in the street

Boxer braids are often seen

Boxer Braid 2Boxer Braid 3Boxer Braid 4Boxer Braid 5Boxer Braid 6

As its name suggests,

Boxer braid origined in boxing match

It was designed to keep ones hair from being obstacle

It is often in the shape of tight tender braids

Boxer Braid 7

It is also known as inverse scorpion,

Scorpion braids are integrated with three extra braids.


Boxer Braid 8Boxer Braid 9

Summer is setting its foot into our home

Dishevelled hair will light you up on fire

Boxer braid will be your savior


Boxer Braid 10

Boxer Braid 12Boxer Braid 11

After sport, one is inevitable to sweat

Hair will press against your face like leech

Boxer braid will save those troubles


Boxer Braid 13Boxer Braid 14Boxer Braid 15

It suits short haired girls as well

For it makes one look more vital

Boxer Braid 16Boxer Braid 17Boxer Braid 18

Boxer braid with sunglasses

Incomparable cool and charming


Boxer Braid 19Boxer Braid 20Boxer Braid 21

Or something different perhaps

Tie your hair up in the middle

Boxer Braid 22

With some hair unbraided, one looks typically attractive

Boxer Braid 23

You can also make an enclosed braid

Boxer Braid 24Boxer Braid 25

Look at Rita Ora

Pearls on hair is a good idea to match the overall make-up

Scarf is also worth trying

Boxer Braid 26

Kylie Jenner, the golden sister

Rainbow color is the color of dream

The choice of hair color is actually open

Boxer Braid 27Boxer Braid 28

Hang out with your friends

Go and steal people`s eyebows!

Boxer Braid 29Boxer Braid 30

More stars with boxer braids.

Sweet Ariana Grade

Boxer Braid 31


Boxer Braid 32Boxer Braid 33

Super model, Karlie Kloss

Boxer Braid 34

Golden sister, Kendall Jenner

Boxer Braid 35

Lady fruit, Katy Perry

Boxer Braid 36

Hailey Baldwin

Boxer Braid 37

The most fashinable blogger in the universe

Chiara Ferragni

Boxer Braid 38Boxer Braid 39

With boxer braids on your head

You will hold the whole summer~



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