#BlackHairChallenge is Celebrating the Magic of Black Hair

#BlackHairChallenge is very popular on twitter these days. Black women and girls have continued to love their hair — often whipping it into elaborate styles — regardless of the people who’ve tried to get them to change their kinky and curly manes.

Who Started #BlackHairChallenge First?

Started by Twitter user @melaninmamis, they’ve been asking people to share four pictures of their different hairstyles.

Versatile Mamis. 💋✨ Let’s make this a thing. Upload pictures of yourself wearing 4 different hairstyles & tag #blackhairchallenge ✨ pic.twitter.com/hQqv9oiUaq

— Melanin Mamis (@melaninmamis) May 26, 2017

Why Started #BlackHairChallenge?

Highlight the versatility and beauty of black hair! Black hair is often overlooked by mainstream beauty. It’s still huge news when a black model gets away with her natural hair in fashion shows. And we still don’t see black hair featuring in regular magazines – it’s still something of a specialist topic.

Here is the popular #blackhairchallenge on Twitter post:




How #BlackHairChallenge Now?

It still growing and people like to share their nice pics and #blackhairchallenge! So what are you waiting for? Share yours and @BlackHairCha now! And you will be featured on @BlackHairCha possible! 😀

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