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Review by Sonal

I have worn many different wigs of many different qualities throughout the years. I’ve worn both real and synthetic and paid high price for a wig. Like most people, I assumed that high price equals high quality. I learned, after spending thousands of dollars, that my previous statement is not true. This sentiment rings especially true after receiving this wig. One of my friends suggested me that I should buy a wig online. I was hesitant to purchase a wig online because I’m really picky and what a wig looks like on a stand isn’t always what it looks like on your head. But I thought let’s give it a try and I can honestly say I actually really like this African American wig! The quality is pretty good for the price. It is so soft and comfortable. It fits well and almost look real. When you receive so many compliments from people wherever you go, you realize that it’s a great purchase! I am really happy with this wig. Thanks to my friend, I have now reached the perfect place for buying wigs and everyone who wants to buy good quality economical wigs, is the place! Not to mention, the customer service is excellent too!

Review by Isabella

Perfect!! This is what is was looking for. Lace Front Synthetic Hair Wig Straight is the product that I was searching for many years. Do you want to look like your favorite celebrity? Well, here is your chance! The style is excellent and famous. It was delivered quickly to me. The synthetic hair wig straight style is high-quality and outstanding hair extension. When you purchase it, you will be given an incredible discount compared to other stores selling this product. In fact, after getting this at a very reasonable price, as well as top-notch customer services from this suppliers, I will only be using the store every time.

The texture of this Lace Front Synthetic Hair Wig Straight is usually soft, high-quality, with less shedding. This human hair does not have to tangle. Because of its natural hairline, this impressive Lace Front Wigs appears more natural, and people can never differentiate it with your natural hair. The product is made up of a fine poly silk mesh base, a procedure where fibers are hand tied to this thin breathable fabric. However, you can get all these high-quality and impressive and soft textures at a reasonable price, as well as an incredible time for delivery. Highly recommended. Thank you!!

Review by Susan

A friend actually told me about this, so I thought I should give it a try. At first, I was not really sure how to style the wig. Mainly because I was worried that it would look too fake on me, but it’s now my favorite. Sometimes I toss a hippie headband of some sort over it because it just adds that needed touch and I’m perfect! I really love the wig for so many other reasons.
Well, like I said it is by far my favorite, it makes me feel gorgeous, there’s hardly any shedding, and I never stop getting compliments from people whenever I put it on. Whether I’m going down to the grocery store or on date nights, it always makes me feel like a fairy princess, and every girl should feel that way. Great quality, soft and with a fantastic feel of elegance. The fact is it’s also at an amazing price you would be crazy not to give it a try! It’s a 5-Star from me, and I do recommend it to anyone out there.

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