Best Brazilian Body Wave Hair for You

Body Wavy Brazilian Hair

Virgin Brazilian body wave hair is in the highest quality of human hair extensions which is totally natural and not processed through chemical method. Being widely used in nowadays hair market, it has the characteristics like soft, thick and durable. Its texture is very easy to blend with most racial from some caucasian textures to African-American relaxed textures. Virgin body wave Brazilian hair is popular with women all over the world. You can visit more about What is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian body wave virgin hair totally comes from Brazil, and it is available in light color while its quality is still the highest. The non-virgin Brazilian hair can come from the ladies who have good hair texture in any countries. The variety of the Brazilian hair extensions allows customers to have more choices when they need Brazilian hair weave. In addition, the Brazilian real hair extensions are naturally thick, and people who have thin hair can use them to change their hairstyles totally. The shiny and long-lasting Brazilian hair allows you to look excellent for a long time.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles

brazilian body wave hair 3 bundles

The 3 bundles body wave Brazilian hair can be dyed, straightened, curled and washed with a mild shampoo, and let air dried. You can use it about 12-18 months with proper care. This Brazilian body wave hair will give you a healthier cuticle, healthier appearance, and offers a polished shine! Get it now!

What customer said: “I received my hair in like 3 days. It’s very soft and minimal to no shedding at all. I did dye the hair jet black. There was no shedding after this process. I ordered 14/16/18 Brazilian Body Wave (7A Collection). I order 3 bundles and didn’t even have to use the entire 3rd one. The bundles are very big. I recommend to everyone!” by Aiesha.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair 4 Bundles

brazilian body wave hair 4 bundles

This 4 bundles Brazilian body wave hair will give you a healthier cuticle and appearance, also offers a polished shine! And the hair can be straightened, curled, dyed and washed with a mild shampoo. You can use it 12-18 months with proper care.

What customer said: “I purchased these hair weaves because I had purchased another set from a seller here on Amazon but they were useless. I was kind of skeptical because I had already gotten ripped off once. With that, I have to say that I really liked these hair weaves and I will continue to buy from these seller.” by Bobi Bai

Hair Grade Guide

hair grade guide

How Many Bundles do You Need to Make A Full Head?

full head hair


Usually, 3-4 bundles according to your head size and the effect you prefer, hair more than 20″, 4-5 bundles will be recommended.


Usually, 4-5 bundles according to your head size and the effect you prefer, if your hair more than 20″, 5-6 bundles will be recommended.

Buy More Body Wave Brazilian Hair

3 Bundles Body Wavy Virgin Brazilian Hair 180g 4 Bundles Body Wavy Virgin Brazilian Hair 240g 5 Bundles Body Wavy Virgin Brazilian Hair 300g

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