Basic Hair Tools and Styling Products for Wigs

I have written lots of articles about how to take care about yourwigs or choose the best wigs for yourself.But until yesterday,a friend of mine told me to help her wear wigs.I asked her to pass me a wide tooth come,she said I only have a narrow tooth comb.”Only, OMG”I said.”My hair is soft and thin, so I only buy a narrow tooth, and I think that it’s enough for me.”She said.Then I told her why she need different hair tools, she is a totally noob about wigs.So this time I write this artical for those people new towards wigs.

hair tool

1.Wide tooth comb with rounded handle: This is a essential tool, you need it to solve your tangled hair, but when you buy it,you should remember the tines of comb is smooth,or it would make your hair frizz.

2.Narrow tooth comb with pointed handle:This kind of comb is mainly used for smooth your hair,and you also can use the pointed handle to part out small bits.It’s especially important when you want to braid your hair.

3.Parallel bristled brush: It’s much better to use it than a brush if you want to comb a wig, bcz brush would pull your hair out which is good for your real hair but not good for wigs.

4.Scissors, Normal and Super Sharp: It’s important to buy a good scissor for your hairstyles, but there is no need to buy a dear one just for your wigs, bcz the fiber would dull and weaken your blades.

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