[Hair Extension] Amazing Hair Band

Hair band is an amazing invention for sure!

A low ponytail is the simplest haircut, yet with a hair band, you will be able to improve the overall quality.
virgin hair 1

But the best match I have ever seen is the match between hair band and regular ponytail.
virgin hair 2

I will never tell you that I look exactly like this when I am excited at home.
Of course, it was long time ago. Back then, I wore long clip in hair; hair band was not tricky at all.
Today, I will teach you how we can have different styles with a hair band. You won`t need to visit barbershop for a week!
virgin hair 3

Hair band is available for short hair, too. Like this one. Wide hair band is in my favor, you can narrow your forehead if you know your band.
virgin hair 4

Haircuts like these can also be improved with a hair band. Let`s take this vintage picture as an example. Vintage style can improve one`s overall aura field, but with a vintage hair band, it will be even better.
virgin hair 5virgin hair 6

If you have too much disconnected hair, a puffy meatball with grey hairband will be a perfect match.

Notice the bangs yet? Hairband suits bangs as well, regardless the length of your virgin hair.
virgin hair 7virgin hair 8virgin hair 9

Long clip in hair may appear a little messy. Given you leave braids your last option, a hair band will save your day.
virgin hair 10virgin hair 11

Make a bowknot with a thin hairband, and a lady will be born.virgin hair 12virgin hair 13

Be a romantic girl at leisure time

virgin hair 14

Jeans hairband is at medium width. A perfect match for your oblique pigtail.virgin hair 15

Good choice for up-style
virgin hair 16virgin hair 17

Or make curly hair. No harm done to your beloved hair.

virgin hair 18

Remember the boxing braid? Let me tell you, hairband can also be athletic.

virgin hair 19virgin hair 20

Headband is available the same as hairband.virgin hair 22virgin hair 23virgin hair 24virgin hair 25virgin hair 26

Girls like DIY, try to make your own hairband.

virgin hair 28

♥And if you have any question or idea, welcome to leave comments here

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