Advices for who have suffered alopecia

It can be deadly news for a girl when doctor tells her that she has alopecia, especially when she is teenager. She would be scared if others know that she is bald, whether her friends would isolated her. She has to wear a wig all day, but we can’t make sure that one day others would find her wearing a wig, that’s too embarrassed.

I really know how nerves when they started to tell others the truth, but I want to enough them to do it. You should believe that they would give you positive response, because they are your good friends, if they laughing at you, then they are friends not worth having anyway. There is also a good model for them, that’s British cycling champion Joanna Rowsell. She started suffering alopecia when she was ten. When she got to the stage for the gold medal, she didn’t wear a wig. I think you also can face the disease positively; alopecia is not an obstacle but inspiration on your way to success.

how to face alopecia

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