[Human Natural Hair] About the Hair

It is really difficult to have a good hair!
Well, today let’s discuss for the issue of hair.
The  hair is thin, soft and less
Hair is thin and soft, which looks broken and less, it is not easy to do modeling, if you do a curly hair, after you leave the barber shop your virgin hair will become the explosion shape…… There is more painful that the hair is as thin as the noodles and easy to break off, and can’t do anything about modeling, like the curly hair, perm, hair-dying… Hair care is very important.
It’s easy to handle with the thin and soft hair:
As for the eating, add more protein; do up your hairs more, use the wooden comb;
If you want your hair become black and thicker, wash it with rice-washing water (Don’t add shampoo and so on this time);
If you want your virgin hair become more and intensive, wash it with ginger (The ginger should be boiled to yellow);
natural curly hair

The trouble of natural curly hair
A lot of natural curly hair sisters all have this trouble: no long after taking the long hair straight, it will become curly again.
If you want natural curly hair become straight, then to do ion hot hair and make your hair straightened.
(In fact, I think natural curly virgin hair is good, natural curly girls can stay their hair long, and then they can put your long curly hair into Teddy curly…)
Whether it is natural or acquired curls, it does have a little bit of trouble: easy to knot!
Conditioner must be used, and no need to use it in a large area, it will be OK in the end of the location of the hair, which can make your curly hair smooth a lot, and not easy to knot!
natural curly hair1
Too much hair
Some people struggles with their too less hair, others will feel that their hair is just like a few kilograms heavier than before!
Too much hair, cutting a short hair will make you look silly, and a curly hair make you look like a madman….. , hair is thin and soft, looks broken and less and not easy to do modeling, if you do a curly hair, after you leave the barber shop your hair will become the explosion shape……
Too much Hair, you can choose light colored hair-dying, reduce the amount of hair from a sense of vision;
Then is to soften your hair, smooth hair can also let the heavy hair looks less and do modeling is also relatively easy to handle!
If the hair is too thick, and still want short hair, then you can order the barber to make your natural human hair thin, simple and crude.


Sand hair
The problem of sand hair is coarse and not easy to do modeling!
I see some friends’ experience, to use good hair mask, hair oil, especially for the vulnerable and coarse hair products.
Like present summer heat, do not expose your hair, and you’d better go out with an umbrella cap.



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