A heartwarming story about wigs

I can’t remember how many times the little girl has visited my shop.

I have stocked some wigs last month, the hairstyle and colors are popular with the local people. She is student around fifteen, with a cheek always so red. The first time she went into my shop, she stood in front of a short curly hair for a little .I came to her and said gently:”want buy a wig for someone?”

Girl at shop window

She nodded and asked how much it is, I told her the price and it seemed that she was shocked, and I have recommended other cheap wigs, but she just said:”thanks, I only like this one.”

Since then, the little girl has came into my shop from time to time, and she just stood there and touché the wig gently with smile.

Gradually, we became familiar and knew why she wanted to buy that wig.

Three years ago, the girl came to the city from a small village with her parents, her parents worked in a construction company and she studied in the local middle school. One year before, her mother fell in a faint in the construction site. When she was sent into the hospital, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her family spent all money on the chemotherapy and her mother’s long black curly hair all fell. Every time her mother faced the mirror, she just can’t help crying. The little girl knew that her mother must want her hair back, no matter the hair is not black or curly just like before. But we all know that’s a dream to get the hair back

From that time, buying a wig for her mother has become her little wish, but her family now has no money to buy her mother a wig.

When I know that her mother just can live one month, my heart seems had been stabbed by a knife. That day, the little came here again and put out many $5 and $10, and said”Ms Green,I just have $45,I hope you can sell the wig to me ,because the wig is the most similar to my mum’s hair.”Looking that girl, my heart trembled; I can’t take the money and gave them back to her:”you don’t need to pay the money, you really need the money.”

The girl looked at me with widen eyes, she couldn’t believe that I don’t want the money, because I she has plead me several times to cut the price down but I refused every time.”Ms Green, you should take the money, when you buy the wig, you also have spent money.”

That’s my gift for your mother, I said seriously, the little wanted to say something, but I stopped her. She thanked me and left with tears filled with her eyes.

Fifteen days later, the girl sent me a photo of her family; her mother’s smile is so sweet that my heart feels so warm.

From that time, the girl hasn’t come to my shop again, and I feel a pity that I even don’t know her name. I just pray in my heart that she could have a happy life.

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