A New Haircut and Lipstick Make U a Princess

Dark colored hair and a good lipstick is all you need to become a fair lady!
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Competition carries harm? Bullshit, that is how we tell good and bad.
Dark colored virgin hair, along with bright lips are good match to decorate your face.
This is the principle know to those who knows how to make up. It`s like dressing. If the color of one`s skin is dark, deep colored clothes are bad choices. Always prepare a white T shirt in your clozet!
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Think about the superstars, their hair were always deeply colored at the presence of red lips.
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Park Shin-Hye, for example, chose deep rose-red for lips to match dark brown hair.
This match makes your fair skin even fairer.
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Black and scarlet are always a team.
It`s still so when it comes to natural black hair and scarlet lips.
Don`t save your curiosities, ladies……
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Focus your make up on eye-line and eye shadow.▲
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Chocolate hair and fat red lips make nice match as well.
Besides, some blush will make you look better.
Do you think that the Korean-style–white silk face–finds no match? In fact, this style is a recent craze in both East and West.
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Yellow skinned person can be improved with dark hair and red lips. Light flush will level up your healthy-looking!
Talking about dark colored hair and deep colored lips in Asia, the first person that comes to people`s mind is surely Kiko Mizuhara.▼
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I knew little about Kiko Mizuhara before, yet her red lips impressed me.
People will pay more attention on you when you choose the same color for your lips and hair.
This is image!
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Red lips make you look healther.▼
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My idol, Jun Ji Hyun, also had many imitating her shinning lips. As it is well known, following the craze of My Love From the Star, the lipsticks that Jun Ji Hyun used in the show were sold out.▼
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Besides high heels, lipstick is another necessities for women.
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One might say that superstars all have beautiful outlookins, and that leaves the cosmetics secondary. Of course, that`s true. Not anyone can be a superstar.
Yet they still look better than me, and most of others, even of they don`t make up.▼
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A little bird once told me:A woman`s make-up is not for show, rather, it`s for herself.
Another thing that woman needs to know:If you want to throw your cosmetics away, keep the lipstick.
In her recent show, Jun Jin Hyun`s red lips stole most of the spotlight.
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A new mother as she is, her brown curled natural human hair and the red on her lips did not give her away.
Sisters of Zheng seldom apply lip paints. When they do, it must be bright, which doubles their fairness.▼
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I have seen many female stars trying bright lips in China.
Before that, Liu Shishi indeed impressed me with her dark virgin hair, red lips and clothes in the show.She sucks at performing, I like her all the same. For such beauty can seldom be spotted these days.▼
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A girl asked for a modelling to show her temperament. This medium hair and the red lips will be a good choice▼
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I don`t know whether it was her marriage or not, Win Wei dresses increasingly like a Korean woman nowadays.▼
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Liuwen seldom paints her lips heavily, but the countable experience left her good memories.▼

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