A Beautiful Misunderstanding about Wigs

Nowadays, more and more people like to wear wigs. Wigs not only bring beautiful look to people, but also many other interesting things. Here is a beautiful story about misunderstanding.

I knew a pair of lovers. The girl loves the boy and the boy loves the girl. The boy is a naughty boy and the girl is a stingy girl.

One day, the boy’s sister bought a woman’s long wig. The naughty boy felt very fresh for it. He looked at the wigs again and again, touched it in and out. He felt curious and joyful. He borrowed the long wigs and took it into his bedroom. He wore the wigs before the mirror. He thought his look is very funny. So he asked his sister to take photos. He took many photos, some photos are his front side, and the others are his back side. The boy selected a backside photo and uploads it into his blog.

The next day, his girlfriend logged in his blog and admired his photos. Then, you see, it’s what a shock for the girl. She could see a strange girl appear in his bedroom. She was very angry. And she called the boy immediately. She asked the boy that whom the girl is and why the girl is in his bedroom. The boy laughed and said: it’s me and my sister’s long wig.

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