[Diamond Collection] 6 Fashionable Hairstyles give you a cool summer

The hot summer is around the corner, it feels bad when thinking of the sweaty hair going around the neck. But can the fashionable girls bear to spend the whole summer in a ponytail? Stylist Jawara Wauchope provides 6 kinds of different styles, different degrees of difficulty, but what the same is he can make us look cool and stylish!
Diamond Collection 1

If you have 5 minutes: tie a pony tail
We promise, as long as you can tie your shoes, you will be able to complete this hairstyle
Diamond Collection 2


STEP 1 Spray lightly hair styling spray to make hair have certain stereotypes. If the day is the second days or third days after washing hair, you can skip this step.
STEP 2 Make the ear as a line, divide the hair into upper and lower two parts. Start with the upper hair.
STEP 3 Divide the upper hair into two parts and tie knots.
STEP 4 Divide the lower hair into two parts, and then respectively combine with the two parts tying knots in last step.
STEP 5 Now the hair has been divided into two new parts, then knot them again. Finally, fix it with the rubber band.
Diamond Collection 3

If you have 5 minutes: Double Bun
Partial, Neat Slippery Double Low Bun is not only simple, but very fashionable, completely don’t worry about it is like Princess Leila stepping away from the Star Wars.
Diamond Collection 4

STEP 1 spray a plenty of powerful hairspray, which not only can heal the broken hair but also increase hair luster. We recommend Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong.
STEP 2 Do Side partial from the forehead hair line to the top of the head, it is central partial from the head to the back of the head.
STEP 3 Comb a low ponytail on both sides and then do the elastic fixation.
STEP 4 Twist the hair pieces first and then make a bun, then fix with a clip.

Diamond Collection 5

If you have 10 minutes: twist the bun +DIY hair accessory
The lazy feeling of twisting the bun matches with the clip most.Clip in hair is also attractive.
Diamond Collection 6

STEP 1 Grab a ray of hair at the top of the ear an inch or so, twist toward outside the face and the back of the head.
STEP 2 Use a clip to fix it, the same as the other side.
STEP 3 Comb the two hair pieces and the remaining hair together into a low ponytail with an elastic fixation.
STEP 4 Make the hair into a bun around the roots of the ponytail hair, fix with the clip.
STEP 5 Next is the most simple DIY hair accessory. Use 3-4 metal clips fixed on one side, you can cross each other. In short, do not be too perfect, what we want is the free and abstract aesthetic.
Diamond Collection 7

If you have 10 minutes: corolla hair
Another is a hair style only need 10 minutes to complete, French style corolla hair, romantic and farewell to cheek hair.
Diamond Collection 8

STEP 1 This hairstyle is suitable for all kinds of hair. Whether it is wavy or curly virgin hair, just spray the hair- spray, if it is straight virgin hair you can choose shine spray.
STEP2. Take two strands of hair from one side and prepare two strands of braid.
STEP3. First twist two strands of hair respectively in the direction of clockwise, then anticlockwise. According to your own preferences, add a little bit of hair in the vicinity of the hair line.
STEP4. Keep twisting until it turns to the back of the head, then do the other side in the same way. You can use more hair clips in order to have enough support.
Diamond Collection 9

If you have 20 minutes: boxer hair
This is different from Zhiqing’s Double Braid, Holland braid looks more youthful and lively from the hairline.
Diamond Collection 10

STEP 1 If your virgin hair is straight and smooth, then you must use some texture spray to increase the texture of your hair before you begin.
STEP 2 Divide the hair into two parts, at first comb the one side so as to better operation.
Step 3. First start woven Holland braids from the right side of the top head, in fact it is close to French braid, it will be OK just to braid each of the hair down your head rather than interweaves in the upper when braiding.
Step 4. Keep braiding down, until braid all the side hair together, and the rest of the hair can change into three strand braid, finally be fixed with the rubber band.
STEP 5 The other side of the braid may need to spend more effort, because you have to ensure that both sides remain consistent.
STEP 6 After both sides complete, the braids can be pulled a little loose, which will look more natural and relaxed.
Diamond Collection 11

If you have 20 minutes: Golden curly hair
The hairstyle has the characteristics of both the Egyptian princess and the Medusa, but part of the golden ribbon wrapped makes this hairstyle more fashionable and younger.
Diamond Collection 12

STEP 1 The hairstyle which is most suitable for natural curly virgin hair. So if you are straight or wavy hair, it will be better to make some small volume by hair sticks.
STEP 2 According to the amount of hair and comb four or five ponytails, fix them with transparent rubber band. Do not deliberately keep sharing, the more natural the better.
STEP 3 Here is the most interesting part. Find something golden to tie in the roots of the ponytail. What we use is the golden ribbon bought in the manual shop. You can deliberately choose gold silk or elastic, basically, it will be OK that the golden section length is maintained at about 4 cm.
STEP 4 Now is the time to tie the pony tail up, in order to avoid covering each other, one by one to turn up the pony tail and fix them.
STEP 5 The work will be done to plate all the braids well.

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