Five Popular Short Hairstyles for Women in Summer

Many years ago,short hairstyles for women always ranked as the last choice among all women’s hairstyles for they considered long hair to be the most distinct feminine feature. However, nowadays most females are increasingly tending to fall in love with the short hairstyles for it not only enables women to look more cute and lovely but also makes them younger to some extent. This article follows five popular kinds of short hairstyles for women in the coming summer.

short hairstyles-11No1.the cute short hairstyle in the shape of pear flower
This short hairstyle in the shape of pear flower with a two-eight fringe that can decently decorate the
outline of female faces makes women appear sweeter. What’s more, the bouffant warped barrette together with the light brown color features a nifty girl who is full of womanhood.

No.2 the simple but characteristic short hairstyle in the shape of mushroomshort hairstyles-22
This simple but characteristic short hairstyle in the shape of mushroom together with a neatly cut bang surrounds girls’ cheeks, which leads to a small and exquisite face. This kind of short hairstyle seems to enjoy a wide popularity in summer for it not only makes a tiny delicate face but also brings a gentle refreshing breeze at that time.

short hairstyles-33No.3 the simple and natural short hairstyle
This simple and natural short hairstyle without any other complex colorful decoration shows a life full of vitality and energy. Young girls incline to showing much more interest in this kind of short hairstyle for it reminds people of their memorable wonderful childhood, which is forever frozen at the moment as a little innocent girl.


No.4 the elegantly feminine short hairstyleshort hairstyles-44
This elegant short hairstyle is featured by its barrette warped inward in a layered way, whose distinct visual effect is to make an attractive delicate face perfectly. Besides, an extra-long subtle fringe leaves people a deep impression of sweetness and beauty, let alone a mellow smile works as a soft wind in summer.

short hairstyles-55No.5 the modern capable short hairstyle
This modern short hairstyle presents a capable image especially of female white collar in a simplified way. The extra-long blunt bang with natural black color is filled with energy with no complicated ornament. Besides, this kind of hairstyle is suitable for the girls who have comparatively wide foreheads.

To sum up, there are thousands of hairstyles in the world, and all those short hairstyles for women mentioned above are very popular among all women’s hairstyles in summer. Just pick the one that you like and be yourself.

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