4 Tips to Choose Hairstyles for 50-year-old Women

As the old saying goes: To see the sun, for all his glory, buried by the coming night. There is nothing like the women in their 50s, when the accumulation of time brings wisdom and elegance. However, 50 is a transitional age that leaves behind many physical aging problems. How to choose perfect hairstyles for 50 year old woman is significant. Well, the trick is to focus on four key factors: facial bone structure, physical heights, personal charisma and last but not least, ways to cover defects.

Hairstyles for 50-year-old Women

old women hairstyle

Facial bone structure

A technique to choose ideal hairstyles for 50-year-old women is through the facial features that they each possess. For oval shaped face, which fits perfectly with almost every hairstyle, the only rule is to remain simple, clean, and to add more appeal, symmetric. 50-year-old women with round faces resemble luckiness in Chinese culture and there is nothing more suitable than the classic wavy curly hairstyles. Every hair salon these days advertised their unique tricks to help polish their signature curly hairstyle for old women. And for those square-faced women, bob haircuts with smattering of fluffiness on the sides and intricate inward-curly hairstyles can help to look slender. And lastly, slanting bang and shoulder-length hair give a huge boost to the inverted triangular shaped face type. By sliming the broad forehead and widening the pointy jaw area, you are on the way to more splendid overall appearances.

old women hairstyle

Physical heights

To tell by physical heights, 50 year old women can easily decide which hairstyle is more suitable. If you are above average heights, long hair will look gorgeous and it also lengthens the overall figure. The same goes for lower than average height women, for whom the best choice would be clean and handsome shortcuts. But stylists should also update it in little ways for cooler personal styles.

old women hairstyle

Personal charisma

The varied personal charisma standards may make it sound too complicated when it comes to choosing hairstyles. Indeed, among a sea of adjectives for 50-year old women—elegant, smart, sexy, warm, decisive and so on, you may be lost. The best solution would be some advice from the stylists and your own taste level. A few examples may help. A vigorous and energetic old woman prefers short and clean cut to ear length, which helps you t look young and also saves you the time for maintenance. And serious up-dos or buns symbolize the unmatched elegance of a 50-year-old woman. And medium length wavy hairstyles boast of in a woman.

old women hairstyle

Ways to cover defects.

Natural aging process whitens women’s hair and more importantly it made the once thick hair scarce. Wavy perms that help to thicken their hair which are eye-catching. Recommendations from fashion magazines are: very short curls, bob haircuts, shoulder-length wavy hairstyle with back-combed bang and the most chic choice-explosive style curls and so on. The functions those hairstyles have in common are to help you the scalp area and create the fluffy impression. Nevertheless, there are some ground rules to avoid certain hairstyles if you have thin hair. Avoid tight up-dos/buns, which can only worsen the view. Also shun long straight hairstyles and any hairstyle that reveals the volume of our hair. With these tips, 50-year-old women can wisely make their options on hairstyles.

old women hairstyle

There’s no denying it: your hair and face changed as you get older. There are hairstyles for everyone, let alone those 50-year-old women who are just about to enter their more subtle life stage. Finding the right style and color can give a huge boost to your overall appearance, says one NY stylist. And if you take physical and mental conditions into consideration, hairstyle for 50 year old woman is no longer difficult.



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