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Nowadays, increasingly people choose to buy hair extensions instead of get their own hair permed to make them more beautiful and fashionable. However, how to keep your hair extensions long? What methods you will take? I think many people will care about this question. Now I will introduce several tips to help you maintain the hair extensions as long as you do it as below.

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How to Wash Your Hair?
When washing, foam should be rubbed out in your hands firstly and then be spread on the hair evenly and you should not clean the hairs with your waist bending but wash them lightly from the top to the bottom. Hair conditioner is also needed because right amount of that can make your hairs more smoothly and no tangle. Remember, the conditioner after washing should be rinsed completely and you can feel if there is anything sticked by touching your hair lastly.

How to Comb the Hair?
You had better divide your hair into two sides for carding before drying off the water by towel and you could also get a large-toothed comb prepared, coordinating with another hand that catch the joint. Still, you can get some sprays ready for smoothing the hair. One thing you may feel uncomfortable, that you could not comb the hair violently, especially after ruffling by the wind, you may be impatient and angry when in a hurry.


How to Use the Hair Dryer?
While you are using the hair dryer, you have to be along the flow direction of the hair and keep the temperature constant meanwhile. If you have made a perm after hair extensions, you could add a cap in the outlet, holding the hair tips to a degree of bakeout. Besides, if you are with straight hair it would be best to control the blowing rate all the more, blowing in a squint angle.

How to Maintain the Hair after Extensions?
You might select the shampoo of single function rather than of mixture for the scurf of hairy roots is easily in sediment. And you may be more dependent on the hair mask which mostly laid stress on nutriment. Of course, as you are wiping, please take notice that the hairy roots should not get too much, or bring more itch and scurf with your hair. It sounds awfully. But it is good for the end of the hair and the part of hair extension to get more.

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