360 Lace Band Frontal Hot Glue Gun Ponytail Tutorial

In this busy day and age, everyone wants to look perfect, but no one has the spare time to spend perfecting their look. Especially when it comes to hair constructing an immaculate hairstyle in the limited time before work or school is near to impossible. But such perfection is attainable if you learn the art of wig making. The idea is simple,  invest some time on the weekend, and you can get ready in an instant the whole week.


(This is what a 360 frontal piece looks like after gluing down)


One style in these wigs is the 360 lace band frontal and that is what youtube artist Malibu Dollface shows in her video

In this video, Malibu is making a 360-degree lace band ponytail wig. The major focus of the wig maker is placing the hair pieces in such a way that the finished wig looks as natural as possible.  The finished wig will be a readymade ponytail for people who regularly wear their hair as a ponytail. In this way, they will be able to rock that sleek perfect look without the daily effort. The hair used is Brazilian body wave ( from best hair buy), famous for its full body, beautiful bounce, texture, and versatility. 3 and a quarter bundles of this product are used to make the entire wig. After putting the 360 lace band on the mannequin head inside out she bleached the dots at the back of the mannequin head, this is in order to ensure that the hair looks like its growing out of the person’s own head and the black roots are not visible. The bleaching here was done using ‘tea tree triple treat invigorating shampoo’ followed by the accompanying conditioner and the hair was bleached for a period of 30 minutes.

To begin creating the look the first step was to cut off the back of the mannequin’s hair in an all around the circle. Following this, she stitched a band of lace around the entire circumference of the cut out just made. Sewing the hair down with lace ensures that no bumps occur in the final hairstyle and the wig remains inconspicuous. Now using the first bundle of hair she glues it upwards and around the lace in the back and continues to glue it around the front edge of the lace, finally cutting off the excess length when the entire circumference of the lake has been completed.  Section by section she twists the hair inwards, gluing them down as flatly as possible. It is very important to ensure here that all the hair is turned inwards and no ends stick up. As each roll gets completely glued down she clips them away towards the front and keeps on continuing to cover the base silk cloth. She glues and uses as many hair pieces as necessary to give a very full and voluminous look to the wig. The last few bundles are then glued down straight across the back of the scalp.

Now that the entire scalp is covered she pulls up all the hair surrounding the face into a nice full ponytail. Now that the hairstyle is ready the wig maker cuts off the cap that she put on the mannequin in the very beginning. This is the final ready wig and can be worn easily any time one wants. Any excessive lace is cut off.

For bleaching, it is suggested to use a 20 developer to prevent excessive bleaching.

All gluing down is done using a hot glue gun.

The final wig feels light, natural and easy. Moreover, baby hair can be stuck in the front to make the look more natural. The ponytail itself can be a high or low ponytail as per the user’s choice.

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