2015 Hair Color Trends Guide(2)

      These are the hottest hair color trends of 2015, so get your Pinterest finger ready!
Hanna9.18.1The Halloween will come!So choose the colorful hair to make you be the shining star!

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NO.1:grey hair! 

The most fashionable hair color of 2015. When mentioned this topic, what is the first color word come into your minds? Red? Or purple? Maybe. But I believe Gray must be one on the list. Like a big storm, gray is sweeping around the fashion world. No matter on the fashion shows or in hair salons, your eyes will easily attracted by this color. Plus some fabulous fashion elements, such as different shade, silver or dark gray, and different color effects, ombre or pastel, gray is no doubt becoming the hottest hair color you cannot miss this summer. As brave as you of trying new hair colors, let’s follow this gray hair storm together.

036cf54070f6749ad080fc449cdc142d 45338c0d2fc3b75200ca9cd94a355e9d Grey hair9.21.3 Grey hair9.21.5No.2 :Ombre hair!

       May this hair can be a lot of girls like!wow, how about make a little change with straight hair or soft wave hair?!like this!And the Ombre hair can be seperated a lot of hairstyles.So which one is your favorite?And the whole Ombre color is not good as the gradient ramp color~May this color is much more charming.

7d9e87ea9658d62a1c3942a520cff29d eaf5004db6e252aa2199d3e6a4a33991 fb4d83100703e3675e6195421ef0b1fa Ombre hairNo.3:Purple Hair

      May the purple hair is popular in those year, because of this color can show the character, and if you are good at your skin,the purple color can make you much more fair-skinned.And if you have no choice to make this color because of you are a student or business ,why not try in the Halloween by Human Hair Extended!And with some accessories, this can make a lot of hair style which is individuation~

4f83bb6061ae3bdfb6ec33ecbd4fdcb1 5ea0119c42037c1433d2a489aec6f602 85ee651f6d96851dd470e0b6c6f3503e aaf7c7fc5a5320f9af61f9ac46d5ba1c e090b6892b89a92019886dabfe856a54 purple hair

      No.4:Green Hair

      When the autumn comes, the green hair can bring the spring feeling to the human. May the green hair is not suit for everyone , but when you choose those kinds of green color hair, you can find an magical that you have never  experienced, so today you can find the best green hair style here in 2015!

b773f8743902bccd9884ea1a291e71e7 d2901292d7f352ef36a207623c3a3ee1 dc0e7937b37fce2563aa1a4cae8f056b Green hairNo. 5: Red hair!

      Red color is the long time popular color in hairstyle, and it is the same in 2015, but if you just make the red color, why not make some style for then, choosing the different styles for your red color hair, may you will get the most popular hair in 2105.Here are some examples:With some big soft wave style or just the accessories is the best way to make your red color hair new style~

8a11059d3c9f9a4255f85badd6d44675 00667f94daf2de723c72d20b839b3bdb b76e3b00d8c0957b10938b1e9be54f16 fb4ceb0e06ca3f8009585580d2855920If you like our blog, you can pay attention to:


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