14 Basic Curly Hair Care Tips

We have all heard the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”! It applies everywhere with almost no exception what so ever. I have always had this fascination for curly hair. Those gorgeous curls make anybody look 10 times younger and happier. I love how those ringlets bounce around the face and give you a youthful look and full of life feel. But well, genes gave me almost straight hair with slight waves! But well, I am always on a hunt to make my hair curly without heat.

What about the girls that are naturally blessed with curls? Though they are the prettiest of all hair textures, they are the toughest to handle and take care of too.If you are blessed with naturally curly hair or have gotten them done, read on. I’ll tell you how to manage curly hair!

 1. Find a Good Hair Stylist:

Of all the tips for curly hair care, the most needed one is to find a good hairdresser. They need to know their work and should be able to handle your hair with utmost care.

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Not everyone is good at styling curls, so make sure you find a well-reputed hair salon for haircuts and spa treatments. Trim your curls only if the ends are damaged with spilled ends. Otherwise, you can avoid it as curly hair generally grows slow. If going for haircuts, make sure that the natural curls suit your face cut. It is very important for you to keep this in mind, otherwise, you could make a fool of yourself. A good manageable haircut and styling make life so much easier.

2. Extra Conditioning:

If you have curly hair, the ends tend to be dry. Even if you have a good length, the length doesn’t really show because of the curling. Combing through is a pain and this results in dryness as natural oil from the scalp fails to reach it. Always make sure to buy extra conditioning products.

3. Find your HG Shampoo and Conditioner:


You might require some trial and error to find it, but keep experimenting to know what fits you the best. You might want to consult your stylist as they’ll know what suits you the best.

4. Do Not Overwash the Hair:

When you have curly hair washing too often can be a disaster of great magnitude. Natural oils already fail to reach the hair strips and the shampoo only further strips it of the existing moisture content. Do not wash your hair more than twice a week.
This is where the additional conditioning becomes a must. Especially at the hair tips where natural oils don’t reach all too easily.

5. Leave-In Conditioner

Apply conditioner to the hair tips after every wash and if they are still dry after, use a leave in conditioner.

6. Keep Hair Products in Stash

Always have a stack of anti frizz serums, styling gels and heat protectants in your stash. You never know when a bad hair day might spring up.

7. Hot Oil Massages

Conditioners are good after a wash but then making sure you provide that extra nutrition is a must. Hot oil massages were made for this hair type. Mix in olis like olive, castor and almond oil to your coconut oil and warm it up. Massaging the scalp with this concoction an hour before your shower once a week works magic like you have never dreamed!

8. Detangle

Always detangle curls when it is wet or half wet, detangling dry curls will only make it frizzy. Always use a wide toothed comb with soft bristles for detangling the hair. Using a narrow toothed comb or a hair brush will only lead to hair breakage. If not done properly it will make your hair look blown out and not in proper shape. It also will make it difficult to manage.

9. Air Dry Hair

Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry. A little heat and static is enough to frizz up your hair to bad extents.

10. Do not hurt your curls

Stop flat ironing, relaxing and rough combing your hair. Always dry your tresses naturally, blow drying or exposure to high temperatures will damage your hair. Do not use any heat styling equipment unless necessary, also make sure your using a thermal protectant before using heat appliances.

When you really have to use heat, use a good heat protectant. A blow dryer or a flat iron or a curler to define them better, always use a good pre and post serum. Use a diffuser to minimize the damage.

11. Don’t Style Damp Hair

Before drying your damp hair, scrunch them a little and apply a little styling gel. Set them into your desired curl range and let them be. Don’t touch your hair until it’s dry.

12. Don’t Mess with Curls

The less you mess with your curls, the better. You don’t want to increase the frizz factor.

13. Good Hair Accessories

Use hair accessories to your advantage. Many girls envy your hair *even me* the hair bands, ties, clips and ribbons and bandanas are available in a million patterns and colors. Use them as much as you can. They hold your hair under control and also make you stylish.

14. Use Cold Water

Always wash your hair with cold water, as cold water makes your hair shiny and less frizzy too. In cold climates wash your hair with Luke warm water. Completely avoid hot water, as it tends to strip away the already present natural oils. It sometimes also then forces the hair to produce more oil, further giving you problems like oily scalp, dandruff and scalp irritation.

Hope these natural hair care tips for curly hair will be very helpful for your curly hairs. Any more queries on curly hair care tips?

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