10 Stylish Hairstyles For Long Thin Hair

The problem that often comes with styling long thin hair is that it’s difficult to style, as it lacks volume & bounce and curls & waves don’t stay on for long, or won’t even show up. Long thin hair often tends to look dull and flat, making your hair look boring. Changing your style and making a few ‘different’ cuts here and there might actually give your hair the illusion of more ‘fullness’ and make it look less flat, even interesting and fun actually.

Here are 10 such hairstyles for thin long hair:

1. Blunt:

1Add some blunt bangs on the front, covering the entire forehead. This is also a great way to mask a broad forehead. Let the bangs fall till the eyes. This will accentuate your long hair and also accentuate your cheekbones.

2. Updo:

1A great way to hide thin hair is by doing it up in an updo. Whether tight, loose or messy, an updo will hide the less volume and take away attention from the volume and instead, focus on the style. If you have enough hair, take parts of hair, twist it and keep putting up in an updo. Else go for a simpler one.

3. Interesting Braid:

1This is one interesting way to actually show off your thin hair! And this actually will work better on thin hair. Comb back all your hair. Take strands from both sides of hair and twist it back lightly. Do this in multiple pairs. Show off by adding pretty little hair clips.

4. Layers:

1Sofia Vergara’s layers are cut random, giving the hair an illusion of volume which it actually lacks. The hair comes down till about the shoulder or collarbones, and from there falls into random layers.

5. Slight Bangs:

1Sometime, a messy look can make your thin tresses look more chilled out and fun. Cut some light bangs in the front, keeping them till the eyes. Let the hair fall loosely and cut them a bit at the bottom in random areas.

6. Bangs With Thin Waves:

1Cut the front bangs in full, keeping them till the eyes. Keep the main length of your hair long and a certain volume coming down from the crown till the medium length of your entire hair length. Wrap small sections of hair around your curling iron and curly lightly at the ends.

7. Bangs and Long Waves:

1JLo shows how to rock your look even with hair that’s less on the volume. Cut hair in the front in bangs almost covering your eyes. Let the length be generally long, with the sides cut into soft layers.

8. Straight With Chopped Ends:

1Keep your hair generally straight, chopping off the ends in a little rugged cut. Keep the bangs to the side, till the bottom of the eyes.

9. Sleek Bob:

1 Go for this classy look by keeping your hair in a sleek bob. Part in the middle or side and let the front section fall in a little longer than the rest of the hair.

10. Long Layers:

1Part hair in the middle and cut the bangs till chin-length. Go for light layers by cutting some more till the collar bones.

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