10 Simple Bangs Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Bangs made an entry in the world of hair fashion a long time back. And it has not left since! They are stylish but they are also a multipurpose weapon in a women’s hair kit! If you get your bangs right, then it will bring out your eyes, highlight your cheek bones and hide that hideously large forehead (if you have one)

Your hair maybe long, medium or short in length but bangs is the one thing you can definitely add to it. Bangs are extremely versatile and come in very many different forms. Short, medium, long. Heavy or light. The options are endless.

But in this article, we shall discuss some of the medium hairstyles with bangs which will definitely blow your mind.

10 Simple Bangs Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

1. Flirty Medium Bangs Hairstyle:

Go for this sweet and flirty hairstyle that looks attractive with side swept bangs.


2. Straightened medium bangs hairstyle:

If you have medium length hair, a totally straightened out look can be a good change. If you got bangs, then side sweep them and straighten them to get the hot look. This is one of the bang hairstyles for medium hair that will definitely get you a truck load of compliments!


3. Front Zigzag Medium Bangs Hairstyle:

This is a sweet hairstyle that doesn’t require too much of a maintenance. Zigzag the front bangs but do not blow dry.


4. Wavy Medium bang hairstyle:

Take a big barrel curler and curl up your rest of the hair but the bangs. Loosen them with your finger and set the waves with a fixing spray. A simple yet eye catchy choice of the medium hairstyles with bangs.


5. Side swept asymmetrical bangs:

A variation of the above look but with asymmetrical bangs .This can be a blown away look that goes well with any occasion.


6. Outward curls with bangs:

This can be good for short to medium length hair. To get this look, keep the bangs simple and side swept, whereas the ends are to be rolled into outward curls. Do not subject the full body of your hair to curling but just the tips.


7. Choppy medium front bangs hairstyle:

A choppy hairstyle that can make you look outstanding! These kinds of hairstyles are great to and a edgy and bold effect to your look. If that is the personality trait that you want your hair to show off, then their is no better hairstyle that this!


8. Curled and crunched medium bang hairstyle:

This is a messy curly and crunched up look, great for your high school prom or a girl’s day out when you want your hair to reflect the fun side of you!


9. Inward curled side swept bangs with medium length hair:

Some inward curling of the bangs with your roller brush and some loose end curls with your barrel curling iron at hair tips is all you need for this hairstyle.


10. Curly Girly Medium Bangs Hairstyle:

To get an extremely different look, curl your bangs. This one style that not many have sported till date!


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